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IOC president hints at LGBT rights in Sochi opening speech


IOC president hints at LGBT rights in Sochi opening speech

IOC president Thomas Bach stands next to Russian President Vladimir Putin for the Russian national anthem at the opening ceremonies of the Sochi Games.
But Thomas Bach warns activists to let athletes compete

International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach hinted at support for LGBT rights in his speech at the Olympic opening ceremonies on Feb 7 but cautioned activists not to mar the Olympics with politics.

While he did not mention any particular group, he said the Olympics should unite people “without intolerance and without any discrimination for whatever reason,” a possible reference to controversy over Russia’s treatment of gay people.

Later in the speech, he cautioned activists to engage in “direct political dialogue” and not try to score political points “on the backs of these athletes.”

The IOC has told athletes that they may make political statements in press conferences but not from the podium.

In a meeting with Vancouver Councillor Tim Stevenson earlier this week, Bach’s chief of staff said the IOC is about to consider large reforms, including adding sexual orientation to the list of minorities protected from discrimination in the Olympic charter. 

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Boycott Russian vodka
It worked on Coors beer in the 90's. Being that the gay community has the power of dollars I am going to join the movement to boycott all Russian products until they make changes to there current homophobic policies and laws. No more Russian Vodka ! A bit sad for me but we have to make sacrifices for equality. England started this and I think it is good start.