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Russia censors Canadian bobsledder’s website

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Russia censors Canadian bobsledder’s website

Canadian bobsledder Justin Kripps posted this photo of himself and his teammates in their underwear on Twitter in January.
Justin Kripps blames anti-gay propaganda law

Canadian bobsledder Justin Kripps’s website has been blocked in Russia, he told the CBC.

Kripps said he made the discovery when he tried to log on to the site from Sochi.

The ban may have something to do with an image Kripps posted last month showing himself and his bobsledding teammates in their underwear.

A message in Russian on the blocked website said the ban was because of a court decision, material violating Russian law or an intellectual property violation.

According to the CBC, Kripps speculates that his site may have been blocked under Russia’s laws against gay propaganda.  


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I highly doubt this
There are Russian Gay porn website so I doubt that they would ban a site showing shirtless guys. Don't believe everything you read on the CBC. They can be incredibly inept. I was reading the comments on the CBC site and saw this logical explanation for the glitch: QUOTE: I took a look at the Russian Blacklist site, and his site isn’t mentioned, but the IP Address that it resolves to, is listed. But if you reverse lookup, it resolves to a different site, and trying to browse that IP address comes up with a “Forbidden 403” page. This looks more like a misunderstanding with his internet provider and their, and likely the Russian, DNS servers.END-QUOTE
Get them where it counts!
Boycott all Russian products particularly vodka and liquor. We did this to South African Coors Beer Co. in the 90's for discriminating against homos in there ads. I think the pink dollar internationally can have significant impact in sending the message we will not support homophobic countries and their governments.