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S Bear Bergman on being a father

Arts & Entertainment

S Bear Bergman on being a father

Unique perspectives on family and fatherhood

Renowned author and storyteller S Bear Bergman talks to Xtra about his book Blood, Marriage, Wine & Glitter.

The book is a series of personal stories looking at the intersections between being a father, being trans and being Jewish.

Check out our interview above. 

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What's the obsession?
You guys spend a lot of time commenting on everything trans...why not keep it to yourselves? Do you really need to spread your hate in our only gay newspaper?
Trannies are not gay and females cannot be “fathers”
You lot have rather worn out your welcome with us. And nothing we do is ever enough for you. May I suggest a divorce? Or at the very least taking criticism like a man?
Females cannot be fathers
Bergman, being female, is not a “father.” Mother Nature sure is a bitch that way.
but magical thinking killed mother nature
She is also a "gay man". Nothing, not even Qaia and all the other PC garbage can come close to the insanity that Queer Trans has become than the statement by a woman that she is a gay man. Trumps father every time. A joke of such cosmic proportions one weeps.
love it
A whole segment on magical thinking by two of the best. Hilarious! Could be a reality tv show called Let's Pretend (and force everyone else to pretend or they will be whipped as phobes). Too much fun with these gals!