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VIDEO: Vancouver's 2012 Pride parade


VIDEO: Vancouver's 2012 Pride parade

The highlights from Denman St & a photo gallery
Hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets of Vancouver's West End on Sunday, Aug 5 to cheer on the 2012 Pride parade.

Xtra was there with a video camera and host Raziel to capture the highlights.

Pride parade photos by Sergei Bachlakov
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Yassuh, boss. Would you like another chorus of Mammy? Ise ready.
oh Alfred
If you hate it so much, don't go. please stay away.

I never thought I would say that to another gay person, but oh well.

600,000 attendees, so the tourists LOVED IT you bitch.
Minstrel show
Thank God the minstel show is over for another year. Can I take off the black face now? The tourists have probably had enough.
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