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Vancouver Canucks stars support gay hockey players


Vancouver Canucks stars support gay hockey players

'They're part of the team': Henrik Sedin

The Burke family's You Can Play campaign is making headlines with its challenge to National Hockey League players to support and welcome gay athletes.

On Saturday, March 10, Vancouver Canucks star Ryan Kesler filmed his own spot for the campaign.

caught up to Kesler and Canucks captain Henrik Sedin a few days later to ask them the key question: if gay players can play, can they play on your team?

Read our full exclusive interviews with Sedin and Kesler here.

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One more thing
In my excitement about Sedin on the cover of Xtra I forgot to thank Robin and the Xtra team for doing the interview and the cover in the first place. Thank you for doing this story!!!
Go Canucks Go!!!
Canucks, you guys are amazing. Not only have I been a loyal fan since 1985, but will be a loyal fan until the day I die. I will wear my Canucks jersey with even more "pride" then ever, and I am sure my partner will ditto that.

Thank you so much Sedin and Kessler, and all of the Canucks team, for speaking out on this very controversial issue. It is individuals like you, credible athletes in the forefront of such a popular sport, that call attention to homophobia in sport, and that it has no place when judging the ability to play!!!

I also LOVE the idea of the Canucks in the Pride Parade. Hey how about Sedin and Kessler being Grand Marshalls? Can you just picture the crowds???!!
Thank you, Canucks!
I have just become a Canucks fan. Thanks, guys, for making me feel so good!
Great Move Forward
As a long time Canuck fan this "You Can Play" belief and promo warms my heart. I am even more proud of the Canucks than ever. It's a huge step in the right direction and one that is historic.
Wouldn't it be lovely.....
...to see Lord Stanley's mug at Vancouver Pride? Go Canucks go!!!!
Canucks in the Pride Parade?
What a great team.

I think the Cutting Edges hockey club should extend an invitation to the Canucks for the next Pride Parade.
Kudos to Kesler and Canucks!
Thank you for covering this important story! What the You Can Play team is doing is amazing, and the acceptance within the NHL has been incredible. The goal of the program is to eventually extend this to all professional sports leagues.

And how wonderful that the You Can Play rep for Canucks is Ryan, who so generously shed his clothes for fans in ESPN Magazine recently!! XOXO

I think thats awesome for them to go public and talk about that, but i also think that they shouldnt be so open about their answers cause its one thing for them to say something but then have it in reality could be something else....maybe?? And i dont know for sure, but i think that the acceptance in nhl is really good and it should be accepted in every sport, in every country and in everyones homes....thanks
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