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Ritchie's recovery


Ritchie's recovery

Man gaybashed at Fountainhead wants his life back
It’s been almost two years since Ritchie Dowrey was gaybashed at The Fountainhead Pub on Davie St. Almost two years since an unprovoked punch sent him crashing to the floor, shifting his brain in his skull.

Dowrey still struggles to speak, walk and remember his life.

His attacker, Shawn Woodward, was sentenced to six years in prison in November 2010, his assault designated a hate crime.

Xtra travelled to Langley, BC, to visit Dowrey, then brought him back to The Fountainhead for a day he won’t soon forget.

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BS Steve!
Were you there Steve?????

Even if it's true, I get hit on by girls sometimes, and although unwanted and makes me sick, I don't beat he women into the ground. I say no thanks and remove myself from the equation you complete and total moronic idiot!
Show some respect
Dunno what trial you were at Steve, but what you say happened came only from the mouth of the accused-and-now-convicted Woodward who the judge called a liar (Mr Woodward has fabricated that story to justify his outrageous assault on Mr Dowrey: Judge Jocelyn Palmer). Or are you a mystery witness who didn't come forward? Either way, cut the bullshit.
Ritchie groped someone he wasn't sure was gay or wanted to be groped and he got his ass whooped. he acted like a drunken ass and someone beat him up. cut the bullshit.
This in my opinion, is an example of a FIGHTER. It was an attack on a all Gays and Human Unity. Humanity suffers along with him and many others whose voices and passings MUST be equally protected, heard and remembered NOT silenced and forgotten. Thank you to whoever cared enough to create this story for him and to organizations like xtra which continue to allow him his PRIDE and DIGNITY by being proud enough to share it with me and others. WE ARE FAMILY. I'm making a youtube on a personal issue for GAY RIGHTS for FAMILY EQUALITY called "Just US in Alberta" for a CHARTER CHALLENGE FL01-1127 & FL01-01406 I may be alone in this so far but I like this man want,strive and dream of much more for us all. His story and others like it give me hope that someday we will ALL be FAMILY and healed. This makes me mad and sad at the same time and if that makes me overly emotional well then good, it makes me human and it makes me who I am. We all deserve much more as a community and those who would deny, challenge and obstruct JUST US should be brought to shame and criminal punishment. I'm safer and prouder knowing that his attacker was caught, charged and punished for crimes against Human Unity. Hate is Hate and I for one am willing to be a warrior against it however I can. I want the world a better more equal world for MY DAUGHTER. Here's to Hope for her and us all and not JUST US in Alberta. Male equality, Gay Family Rights, Common law=Marriage, Redefining Family and INTENTION over mere biology. THIS IS A CANADA I'D BE PROUD of asserting that I belong to. 'rainbows and unicorns' mr.H to my honeybunny, may she remember her papa and may this strong man remember his family too. We wont' forget him. Thanks XTRA,,,gr8 fuking story guys.
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