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Queering the Olympics: Pride House opens in Vancouver


Queering the Olympics: Pride House opens in Vancouver

"We in sport are in the closet... we need your support": former Olympian Marion Lay
Xtra.ca videographer James Loewen attended the grand opening of Pride House Vancouver on Thu, Feb 11. Check out his video report below:

See Pridehouse.ca for more information on the Vancouver and Whistle Pride Houses.
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To Marc
50 years ago gay sex was illegal in Canada and now we can marry. Things change. I think the Pride house can bring this to people's attention. It could act as a statement.
Also, many of the different venues set up aren't aimed specifically towards the athletes they're set up as an attempt to show case some of Vancouver's diversity
To Biff
So you think if a team from Iran came to the Olympics, and one team member was gay, that he would have the option of visiting the Pride House?

I would think that people from other countries would probably then be outed by other team members and members of their entourages and then they wouldn't be too happy when they are being punished back home.

...but at least they know they're not alone.
Devil's Advocate
I definitely agree that things like Pride increase visibility. But at this point, especially in Vancouver, I don't think visibility is the issue. This highlights difference and stratifies athletes whereas before their sexual preference had no bearing on the situation.

To me this is little more than everyone crawling back into a highly visible, well decorated, open doored closet. I don't want to exist only in the gay community and be a freak in the hetero"norm"ative society. I just want to exist equally. Period.
I also agree
It's about celebrating the freedoms we have and being visible to those from repressive countries, a way to welcome them and say to them with open arms "You are not alone."
A key component of progress
William is exactly right. From Stonewall and earlier , to the present , the degree of acceptance and recognition of rights came about as the people in our lives were made aware of who we really were. So , the traditional and patently false ; defamation about gays which is still promoted by the religious right , began to fall by the wayside. People began to think " My brother is gay & he's not at all like that." , or , my friend , my son , etcetera.( Also very important was the need for the corporate world to know who & how many ; we were , & what tremendous economic power we wield.)
You're right, you don't understand
You're right Marc, you don't understand - it's not about segregation, it's about visibility.
I still dont' understand
why we would purposely segregate ourselves from the other athletes.
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