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LinkedIn pulls gay ad


LinkedIn pulls gay ad

LinkedIn censored an ad for this book. The ad said: Here is a screen capture of the email LinkedIn sent to Open Mic Press after pulling its ad for The Gay Travel Guide For Tops and Bottoms on Aug 30 (links not active). IMAGE 1 OF 2
Guidelines prohibit "inappropriate content," spokesperson says
The professional networking site LinkedIn has pulled an ad for a gay travel guide, claiming it contains “inappropriate content or language.”

"It’s baffling," says Robert Christofle at Open Mic Press/Icon Empire Press.

Christofle says he’s been promoting The Gay Travel Guide For Tops and Bottoms on a variety of sites, many of them straight, without incident. But LinkedIn, which has networks ostensibly catering to gay professionals, censored the ad.

An email sent to Christofle from LinkedIn on Aug 30 says the ad was pulled because it violated the company’s content and language guidelines. According to the email, “common examples of inappropriate content include: phone numbers, excessive punctuation and unprofessional language.”

Christofle maintains the travel guide’s ad adhered to LinkedIn’s guidelines. He suspects the ad was pulled because of a potentially sexual image on the book’s cover. “It's a very suggestive letter A,” he says.

Though the book cover contains no overt sexual imagery, the letter A in its title could subtly suggest two people having sex doggy style. “It's very tongue in cheek," says Christofle.

LinkedIn says it pulled the ad due to its sexual content.

“LinkedIn is a professional networking platform and, as such, there has never been a place on it for ads that feature or promote explicit sexual content or products of any kind,” spokesperson Danielle Restivo told Xtra on Sept 1.

The fact that it was a gay guide did not influence LinkedIn’s decision, Restivo says. "We just want to dispel any notion that this has anything to do with sexual orientation. It 100 percent does not.”

"It’s the wording, the imagery or the site to where the ad links,” she says, when asked what the company would consider sexually inappropriate advertising.

Restivo says that in this particular case the ad was pulled because of its wording and the site to which it linked. Christofle doesn't buy it.

“The link is not sexual," he says. "It's to the book-sales page."

Google Ad and Facebook haven’t objected to the ad, Christofle notes. "Out of the three different advertising sites, only LinkedIn has a target gay networking site, and they are the only ones to pull the ad.”

Christofle objects to what he sees as LinkedIn’s double standard on sexual content. He says the networking site allows groups promoting lesbian erotica and online sex companies to post content.

"Anyone is free to start a group," Restivo explains. "We've looked into the groups and found they are for professionals in the industry.”

But any companies violating LinkedIn’s user agreement will be addressed, she promises. "We will look into this, and if we find that they violate the user agreement then we will take action.”

As for its policy on advertisements, Restivo says that LinkedIn stands behind its guidelines and that if ads don't comply with them they will be pulled.

She says ads with explicit or sexual content have been pulled in the past. One such ad was for a sexual enhancement drink, she says. Another was for an intimate apparel company.

“It has nothing to do with sexual orientation; it's the nature of the network," Restivo reiterates, adding that the site boasts more than 400 online networking groups aimed specifically at gay professionals.

Christofle says Open Mic Press/Icon Empire Press appealed to LinkedIn to repost its ad but was rejected.

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This ad seems very inappropriate for a site like LinkedIn. I'm not surprised they didn't accept it. I don't think it's the copy but those As -- it seems very poor taste. I wouldn't have accepted it either. Just remove them and resubmit the ad.
Did the ad target gay men's groups on Linkedin?
I am assuming that the ad just targeted gay male groups.

I don't understand why they would pull the ad if it targets "gay male travelers" groups only.

It doesn't make sense.

I'm not real familiar with LinkedIn, as I haven't used my account there in years, if I even still have one, but I would be very surprised to see an ad like this on that site. Unless it's changed recently, I thought it was supposed to be for people to network and advance their careers. But the content of this ad is clearly intended to be sexual, and the intended audience appears to be people looking for travel sex. Has LinkedIn changed since I used it? Is it a hookup site now? Maybe I better check what my account has been up to...
Good idea!
Thanks Serena! I just posted the rejected ad itself so readers can make their own decisions about its appropriateness for LinkedIn.
Let's see it
Show us the ad!
I don't care what other sites have not objected to your ad. Linkedin did, sorry, too bad.
If you want your ad on Linkedin, adjust it so it fits their criteria.

...otherwise, stop crying about it.
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