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Kandola back behind bars


Kandola back behind bars

Back in jail: convicted gaybasher Michael Kandola has now pleaded guilty to robbing a jewellery store. IMAGE 1 OF 1
Gaybasher pleads guilty to jewellery store robbery
The man convicted of attacking Jordan Smith for holding hands with another man on Davie St in September 2008 is back behind bars.

In June 2011 in Surrey Provincial Court, Michael Kandola, 24, pleaded guilty to robbing a Surrey jewellery store three years ago. On June 18, 2012, he was sentenced to 20 months in jail for a single count of theft, according to court records.

On June 5, 2009, three men walked into a jewellery store in Surrey. After browsing display cases, one pulled out a handgun, ordering the people working in the store to the floor. The two other suspects jumped over the counter to steal jewellery. A woman staffer was assaulted after not immediately responding to the robbers’ requests.

The suspects ran from the store with about $500,000 worth of merchandise.

Kandola was arrested and charged in December 2009. He was initially charged with two counts of robbery and using an imitation firearm.

Co-accused Satpal Heer was arrested the following April, while the third suspect, who had the firearm, has not been charged. The case is still under investigation.

Heer too pleaded guilty to robbery. He received the same sentence as Kandola.

In sentencing Kandola for assaulting Smith in April 2010, Justice Joel Groves called the gaybashing "vicious" and "senseless" and said a severe sentence was needed.

"It is hard to fathom in this day and age how two men holding hands can cause such a visceral reaction in the accused," Groves ruled. "In Canada, people are free to live their lives as they choose, be they heterosexual or homosexual."

Smith and his boyfriend had been walking up Davie St holding hands when they heard taunts of "Faggots," "What the fuck is this?" and "Why are you faggots holding hands?" from a group of men behind them.

When Kandola and his friends swarmed them, Kandola sucker-punched Smith, breaking his jaw. Then he stood over Smith’s unconscious body screaming homophobic slurs and threats.

Groves said Kandola’s sentence should act as deterrence to those who might also consider committing crimes motivated by hatred.

"Those who act like he [Kandola] did on Sept 27, 2008, must know that there are real consequences for their behaviour," Groves said.

Groves sentenced Kandola to 17 months in prison for his assault on Smith. His ruling helped establish a test for gaybashings, and the court’s ability to recognize hate-crime motivation, in BC.

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Derisory lenient sentence
What a derisory lenient sentence for this scumbag!
and that's just fine Sean
Ok OK !!!!!!!!!
So don't deport him!

Can we get some fucking JAIL TIME THEN????????????

Kandola is from Canada. He grew up in Vancouver and moved to Surrey. The only place to "deport" him to is South Van.
Hey Robin
Now that I have had time to think about this, I'm calling you a liar.

Many, many times I have read personal attacks on one Jamie Lee Hamilton on your comments (discussion) board.
You have allowed those constantly.

Here you are now asking me to stop the personal attacks. I DON'T KNOW ANYONE in this comment section, and certainly haven't used anyone's last name, so you are quite a liar.

Are you going to ban me now?
Oh Robin
Personal attack on who? Kandola?
what a stupid thing to say, get lost.
Editor's Note
Actually, Marc, our comments are supposed to offer a space for debate. I can see this topic continues to inspire heated debate, which is important. I encourage you all to keep participating, keep debating, keep disagreeing even. But please re-read our guidelines and back off the personal attacks. Thanks!
Oh Steve
This is the extent of debate on a comment board on xtra.
It's not a debate board stupid.
Go fuck yourself.
Or, Marc....
Capable of framing an argument and contributing to a debate in an intelligent manner, devoid of insult!
who the fuck said I was white???????????
Let me be the first to appease your mind......Shane Woodward? GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR COUNTRY!

IF you are from somewhere else.


Now, shut up because if you think that any of us believe that you have managed to troll every single news story about white gay-bashers and the comments section of EVERY SINGLE news site on the internet, well you would deserve some sort of award, but that's not the case is it?
Your generalization is just as bad as mine. Whatever stupid.


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