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Gay man’s bank card cancelled because he sounds like a woman


Gay man’s bank card cancelled because he sounds like a woman

TD Bank apologizes for ‘bad service’

A gay TD Bank customer alleges he was denied access to his account last week after a call centre representative mistook his voice for a woman’s.

Jeff Hare says he was attempting to retrieve some information about his account so he could have money transferred in, when the agent he was speaking to said he sounded like a woman.

Hare took offence and asked to speak to a supervisor. He says he then successfully answered a security question but was still denied access.

“People have mistaken me for a woman on the phone before, so I’m not totally appalled by that,” he says. “But this [call centre agent] didn’t bother to ask me any questions to discern if I was, in fact, Jeffrey Hare.”

“Somebody assumed something based on my voice, and from that point forward I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t say anything, even though I had all the information because it was me,” he continues.

Hare says he is a longtime TD customer and has banked with them for more than a decade without any previous incidents.

“A person’s voice shouldn’t be the deciding factor. They ask security questions for a reason,” he points out.

Hare says the supervisor told him he would have to resolve the matter in person. Frustrated, he went into a branch and got the information he needed. He assumed the problem had been fixed.

When he tried later that day to use phone banking to get his account balance, he was once again told that he’d have to go back to the branch before they could help him.

While waiting to speak to another supervisor, he says, the line was disconnected.

Then he discovered his bank card had been cancelled.

“This woman decided that I was a woman and didn’t ask any questions and cancelled everything on me,” he says. “There was no way for me to say, ‘Wait a minute, this is my voice.’ I am genetically a man and this is what my voice sounds like.”

On his second visit to the branch, Hare says the teller was apologetic and offered to waive his bank fees for that month.

He asked to file a formal complaint against the original call centre employee and was offered two additional months of waived bank fees.

TD spokesperson Suzanna Cohen says the bank is sorry about the “bad service” Hare received and plans to speak to the employees involved.

“We truly are sorry to Mr Hare,” she says. “We provided him with bad service, and we’re very sorry for that. That’s definitely not what we want to do. We’re all about making our customers’ experience comfortable.”

“We are going to speak to the employees involved and coach them to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” she continues.

“We don’t want this type of situation to happen. People shouldn’t have to call and experience this type of frustration and bad service.”

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Well-Meaning Bad Judgement
As an employee of a (different) bank myself, I can say that security is our first priority. If something feels "off" to us it's better to be safe than sorry. That said, we all need to keep in mind that each and every person is different, and we can't jump to conclusions without at least giving that person the chance to answer the security questions, which are indeed there for a reason. I did not hear the conversation in question, but it seems to me a simple though very unfortunate case of well-meaning bad judgement that this person and even all employees should be coached on.
"Bad Service"
This is far more than bad service - bad service is being snobby or arguing with a customer..

This is insulting on a personal level. A business does not have the right (and shouldn't have the audacity) to insult someone. I understand that it was the 2 employees but they represent the company.

How can this be the same company that supports Pride Toronto? It's shocking really!
Why make this a 'gay' issue
If he was hetero his voice could still be mistaken as a woman's, it's not just cause he's 'gay' as title leads to. Let's not forget it's a genetic thing so it can happen to anyone, it's an honest mistake however the employee did not provide good service since he was denied the regular security questions but the person will learn for next time :)
me too
This actually happened to me three times..I found it sooo...annoying that for both times I had to go to the branch and show some ID just to prove I am a man before they would unfreeze my accounts. It was frustrating too because even if they put notes in my account they still seem to not get it. Hmmm...no clue exactly why I am still with them..
Not discrimination
This isn't in any way discrimination. No, TD just had a couple of employees act out of line, and they are solving it. I myself am routinely mistaken for a woman on the phone; his orientation isn't relevant. This is just a case of bad service, and bad service happens. If the employee went "Oh you call yourself a man but you sound like a woman, that's gross," THAT'd be discrimination. Don't make this out to be a case of discrimination, it belittles the real cases.
Homosexual buys Cheezies at Mac's on Davie St.
You guys sure are desperate for content.
RBC Sucks Good on TD
Good for TD. RBC forecloses July 1st Canada Day on GAY FAMILY CHARTER CHALLENGER for shortfall of $1300. RBC already took vehicle, now home during 2 month wait of Justice Bensler decision. RBC is reporting record profits as they evict us from home at worst time possible. YEARS of RBC TERRIBLE SERVICE only focused on their profit NOT their customers. Even customers that are making history for ALL CANADIANS and more. Toronto Dominion at least will admit when wrong or self focused. RBC FORECLOSURE and CAR taking on birthday is too much. I'll NEVER forgive or do business with Royal Bank of Canada. Ask about security box issue and my valid attempts at resolution but in ALBERTA if you don't have a small fortune from oil & gas then you can kiss your RIGHTS, CHILD, VEHICLE, Business and HOME good bye thanks to RBC and discrimination of Jan Petrie and Condominium First Developers who Ill be suing for discrimination once Challenge is done. FUCK RBC and Condominium First for discrimination and total lack of understanding and illegally denying services like parking, condo mtg inclusion etc...even when to Condo first manager...TD Keep up the great work. Someone has to in your industry.
NO GAY role models on ANY RBC material yet they'll take EVERYTHING for $1300
why is his sexual orientation relevant?
Is there a reason to headline the post by saying that he's gay? And to start off the post with that information? Just wondering if you think there's a connection there or what. After all, you didn't mention his race, age, or any other characteristic.
TD Bank will get away with this one
TD Bank is going to get away with this one. In Canada, Toronto-centric LGBT leaders fawn over TD Bank because of the financial support that they provide to Pride Toronto. For example, last year EGALE Canada gave a leadership award to the CEO of TD Bank. Similarly, in the wake of the controversy about QuAIA marching in the Toronto Pride parade, Metropolitan Community Church Toronto pastor Brent Hawkes and his Toronto Pride advisory panel have lavishly praised TD Bank. For instance, here's a quote from page 7 of the Hawkes panel report: (quote) Pride Toronto's banker is also its lead sponsor. Fortunately for the organization and the community at large, TD Bank Financial Group has faithfully stood by the organization during this time of trouble (end of quote).
I am actually fuming at home right now after reading this.
I am angry and sending communication to TD that this is waaaaaaaaaaay out of line!


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