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Facebook censors naked ass


Facebook censors naked ass

Before and after shots of the unacceptable (in Facebook's eyes) Bride of Pride ad.Nudity, violence, drug use and attacks against groups or individuals are all equally frowned upon by Facebook, who censors them all then sends out warnings like the one above. IMAGE 1 OF 3
Policy puts chokehold on healthy adult sexuality: Miller
Elaine Miller says she can't understand how the image of a woman's panty-clad ass can be considered offensive, but Facebook pulled the photo and sent her a warning.

"I don't think much of censorship," says Miller, a leatherdyke who hosts a variety of BDSM events for queen women in Vancouver.

Miller says Facebook pulled the photo announcing next month's Bride of Pride play party on June 12, then sent her an online warning explaining how she had violated the site's "terms of use."

"Facebook does not allow photos that attack an individual or group or that contain nudity, drug use, violence or other violations of terms of use," the message informed her.

This policy is enforced in order "to ensure Facebook remains a safe, secure and trusted environment for all users, including the many children who use the site," the message added.

When asked to explain why this particular photo was removed, a Facebook spokesperson told Xtra: "We literally have dozens of content standards, and respond to user reports of inappropriate content. We have a policy against nudity and in such cases, have removed photos that have been flagged to us by Facebook users. The particular photo in question exposes the naked buttocks of a female and violates our terms for appropriate content. When flagged, all reports are closely reviewed and action is taken if photos are deemed offensive. These standards are in place as a safety precaution for all Facebook users."

But Miller sees no harm in the poster.

"Fuck censorship," she says. "I'm not advocating hate; I'm advocating love." Censoring nudity puts a chokehold on healthy adult sexuality — especially for some queers who still find it difficult to appreciate images of queer nudity, she points out.

Rather than turn the other cheek, Miller re-posted the photo with a large "censored" banner over the nude ass stating: "Facebook didn't like her bum but we do!"

Facebook has not pulled the amended photo but Miller continues to question the social networking site's rationale behind censoring nudity.

John Ince, of BC's Sex Party, says he is not surprised the original photo was pulled.

Censorship of nude imagery is "standard policy" for online networking sites like Facebook and Youtube, he says.

"Mass viewing sites believe they have to draw the line somewhere," he says, adding the problem with censorship lies in exactly where and how that line is drawn.

While Ince believes some censorship is needed in society to prohibit the distribution of child pornography and to prevent defamation, he defends the freedom to publicly display images of adult nudity.

"The sight of nudity does not cause harm," he insists. "It's the prohibition of nudity that causes harm. It teaches people the fear of genitals."

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There are lots of things to consider
I am definitely no fan of censorship, but there are more reasons for censoring this picture than a lot of people are considering here.

The terms of decency policy facebook upholds explicitly states "naked buttocks" are forbidden to be uploaded, and they must include cleft-revealing pants in this criteria because you have to remember that a very large portion of active facebook users are teenage girls, who would push those boundaries.

You must also consider that people can "tag" other friends in pictures they upload, drawing attention to that image, and the person involved may not be happy about this, but there isn't anything they can do about it.

Also consider they is no way for facebook to be certain that users have input their real age, so without that strict rule there would be lots of revealing pictures uploaded of other girl's bottoms without that person's consent, and those girls may very well be underage.

Those girls are also not in control of the restrictive settings of the user who uploaded that picture, so that picture could be set to public, allowing anyone of any age to view it without having to know anyone involved.

That's why it's important for people to be able to remove these pictures, and the only way to make that fair is to enforce this rule on ALL users.

One final point regarding people saying "there are so many more explicit things on facebook". Facebook doesn't moderate every picture uploaded because that would be impossible. Users must first find these pictures and report them to moderators. A bloke could put up a picture of his erect cock, but if no one reports it, it wont get removed. This pride page would get a lot more traffic than a member's personal profile, and sadly much of those people would be looking for ways to bother the creators anyway they could, so would report anything they think MIGHT get removed, or just everything regardless. This wouldn't have a weight on the moderator's decision, but it
I think someone has to complain about the photo, then facbook looks into it. There's that little line under each photo 'Report this photo'. I can't imagine facebook looks at each and every photo otherwise.
And men get to show off naked ball sacks... why?
I turn your attention to a Facebook group called Male Chastity with arguably more graphic images than a tastefully clad butt that a public media organization woudl run.


Its a shame for those who add anyone as a friend
Sean WHORElor uses it thinking it makes him popular.
Anyone else just must be a hater.
Happened to me too!
I had the same thing happen as well with a bootie picture. What amazes me is the amount of porn that slides by. I write for various sites about alternative lifestyles and sex. Its difficult to find promotional outlets.
Facebook is not being safe
Safety is about preventing harm but Facebook's censorship is about prudery and prejudice. There should be prize for hypocrisy.

The evidence is crystal clear, attitudes have consequences and prudery results in widespread and often serious harm. Young people are dying as a result. Just compare the sexually transmitted infection and abortion rates for the USA with less prudish countries in Europe.

Facebook are exporting this immorality to the rest of the world and it has got to stop.
F*ck Facebook
Seriously, do people even use it anymore??
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