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Bailiff empties Friction tub


Bailiff empties Friction tub

UNCERTAIN FUTURE. Friction's website says the bathhouse is under renovation. IMAGE 1 OF 1
Owner says he's 'just renovating'

The owner of Vancouver's Friction bathhouse will not confirm that the tub is closed for business.

"We're just renovating," says Guy Nunes Vas, standing next to a sign reading "We're closed" as a bailiff supervises the loading of mattresses, televisions and other materials into a van.

There are no signs of renovations inside on Oct 24, but there are a lot of packing cases.

The controversial Friction tub's website also says it's closed for renovations.

Xtra West had to go to the tub to contact Nunes Vas.

His cell number is now used by someone else and there is a default answering message at the tub number, nothing to indicate that it may be a business.

Former manager Mel Watson says he's not surprised the bathhouse is seemingly defunct.

He says he resigned more than a month ago when he was owed $4,000 in wages.

He says Nunes Vas told him there were financial problems.

"He told me he owes Xtra West money, he owes the Westender money, rent, staff," Watson says. "He's been screwing everyone."

Asked to comment on the allegation that he owes thousands of dollars, Nunes Vas just walked away.

The two-floor tub at 123 W Pender St officially opened its doors Jun 29, 2007 after more than a year in the works.

It boasts 10,000 square feet of space and has a total of 50 rooms, several locker rooms, a large steam room, a big shower facility, a big playroom with a sling and glory holes, a video room, snack bar and a gym.

Recently, the tub had changed its operational plan. It began offering mixed-gender nights.

Frequent postings on the craigslist.com personal sites led some cruisers to accuse Friction's owners of putting the postings up themselves to drum up business.

Nunes Vas said in 2007 the delays in opening the tub were due to a variety of issues.

He pointed especially to the availability of tradespeople to do the work — a complaint that has been heard throughout the city since the awarding of the 2010 Olympics.

In November 2006, Nunes Vas said City Hall had been a sticking point earlier in the project with approvals, but that licensing issues were not to blame for delaying the bathhouse's opening.

It's not known at this point what Friction's future might be.

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Money Owed
Does anyone have any information on how to now contact the owner or investors in terms of money owing? The owner is obviously not answering his phone. I realize staff is owed money but so are businesses in Vancouver.
It would take more than an individual (or group of friends) to take over that business. That space is huge, you would have to know what you are doing in there. Friction was always far cleaner and sharp looking compared to f212 though which is quickly becoming a disappointing dive. I think it would take some company with experience and background in this type of business to efficiently run the place and make a profit. I think the days of independent owners is far over. You have to be able to swing with the economy to manage a place of that size.
Friction Rescue
I would like to ask for Xtra! West to cut me a little slack and allow posting of my email, which is metallicadevilica@yahoo.com.

I want to get in touch with MLK and/or anyone else who can get me in email or phone connection with the landlord or possibly the major creditors of Friction.

The bailiff contact would be of use as well.

If you can't post my address, would you suggest that anyone interested in promoting a similar "bath" that accepts both sexes, gays/straights/bi's and all variations, should join "Post Friction Vancouver at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/p-friction/

I have NO connection with Friction Management, and have no financial relationship with it.

Responsible Owners Please
Its not much different than the drug dens of f212 or M2M.
The drug scene is getting to the point that men aren't even having sex in bathhouses, they are buying drugs in those places and/or getting so high, they can't get it up and end up sitting in their rented room being chatty all night long, then bitchy to everyone in their path the next few days.

The two deaths at f212 since April for example have brought on no changes yet apparently part of the membership fee is to supposively keep out such stuff so that its a safe environment for everyone.

I think in Friction's case, they were so desperate for cash, they'd try anything.

Owners are only in it for the money they can make.
But I'd say bathhouses are over.
licensed as a health club
How does a building with a health club license become a swingers club? The owner of the building would be smart to make sure no one else tries to open as a drug infested swingers kink club. In Europe baths that aren't busy Mondays and Tuesday close those 2 days. You make more money having 5 busy nights, than 7 nights where not a lot of people show up, because there's no croud.
Ownership questions
Anyone know where or how to reach Guy Nunes-Vas? Was he the sole owner? I have heard something about other investors. As a business owner, we have had issues with Friction for some time now, needless to say we are a company (probably one of many) owed money. Now we cannot find him.
So what?
I mean really?...Is this sort of "place" really needed?
Didn't think so.
I actually have an office in the building Friction is in and when I spoke to the landlord about this, they will not go for a 'group of people in the lifestyle movement', they've kinda been there, done that already with Friction. And I'm not even interested in the space for myself.

Apparently a lot of time and money was sunk into this venture already, they've learned their lessons. Many, many people around town are owed money including the landlord. Sounded like there were done with talkers and dreamers. Who could blaim them?

Plus you know what happens when too many hands try and get in the pot...
Rescue possibilities
I have access to a group of people in the lifestyle movent who might be interested in taking over this business if the terms are satisfactory. This is to my knowledge the first attempt in Vancouver in having "mixed" attendance at a bath, other than the East Hastings operation that rents out individual rooms to couples. The Aquarius in Winnipeg was wildly successful after succeeding in a similar transition. It should be possible here. Is anyone able to direct me to a cotact who could negotiate new terms for an operator taking over? I am assuming the information given is true in the article "Bailiff empties Friction tub"
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