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'We were attacked and savagely beaten': Regier


'We were attacked and savagely beaten': Regier

Peter Regier needed staples to close his scalp wound after he was gaybashed on June 12. IMAGE 1 OF 2
Police looking for two suspects in Saturday gaybashing
Peter Regier and his partner were returning to their Keefer Place home on June 12 when he says two men hurled "a barrage" of homophobic slurs at them, then physically attacked them.

Regier says he and David Holtzman arrived at their condo doorstep to find two men drinking. One of them began urinating near the door.

"David objected and said, 'Do you really need to pee there? I live here, this is my building,'" Regier recalls.

The two men turned on them, repeatedly calling them "fucking faggots" and "cocksuckers," Holtzman says.

It was "non-stop invective" that developed into an attack, Regier says.

"I want to make this clear; this was not a fight," Regier told Xtra on June 14. "This was on our doorstep. We were attacked and savagely beaten," he alleges.

"One attacked me first. The other went for David."

"I was huddled up in a fetal position," Holtzman says. "That's how vicious the attack was. I was on my back, he hit me in the back of the head at least 50 times."

"I went down as well," adds Regier.

He says the men eventually fled because a couple of witnesses moved closer as the attack unfolded.

"Thank God for good witnesses who care and aren't afraid to get involved," he says.

Regier was eventually able to call 911 and the police arrived within minutes.

He says he and Holtzman were taken to St Paul's for treatment. They both have concussions. Holtzman was also bitten during the attack.

"He had a CT scan. We thought he has a brain injury, and there's still something a bit wrong with his vision, so we're monitoring that," Regier says.

Regier says the initial police response was great, but he's concerned about the follow-up.

"Our expectation is that they will follow up all leads, that they will investigate this thoroughly and professionally, and that they will consider the assault and the hate aspect of this incident," Regier says.

"They were giving what I would think would be mixed messages whether they would follow up on the leads, and that's not acceptable," he contends.

"It's now the time to act and respond strongly to this," he says. "We are hopeful these guys will be found and charges laid."

So far, no arrests have been made in connection with the incident, Vancouver police say.

"We are in the process of assigning detectives to the file, and they'll be following up with them very shortly, I imagine," says Lindsey Houghton, a Vancouver police spokesperson.

Police are looking for two suspects of East Indian descent. Both men are in their 20s, about six feet tall, with short hair. One was wearing a blue shirt with jeans, the other a white shirt with jeans.

"We're hoping that the public will be able to assist us in possibly identifying them," Houghton says.

There were a number of witnesses to the incident, Houghton adds, but declines to say how many.

"Everyone has been very cooperative with us," he notes.

Initial media reports suggested that an Ultimate Fighting Championship event which took place the same night at GM Place, located near the gay couple's residence, may have fuelled the attack. But Houghton says there's nothing to indicate the event had anything to do with the attack.

Meanwhile, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson conveyed his "sympathies and deep concern" to Regier and Holtzman in a June 14 statement about the attack.

Robertson says aggression against the gay community is "completely unacceptable."

"I am very troubled and saddened by the assault of two citizens Saturday night in what clearly appears to be an incident of physical and verbal aggression against citizens for who they are," Robertson says.

"There is zero tolerance for any action or behaviour that discriminates or harms people for their beliefs, ethnicity or sexuality," he continues.

"We all must take a strong stand against this type of behaviour, as the courts have recently done in ruling a similar incident as a hate crime," Robertson adds.

On April 30, a BC Supreme Court judge ruled Michael Kandola's 2008 assault on Jordan Smith was a hate crime.

Smith had been walking hand in hand with another man on Davie St when Kandola and a group of men called them "fucking faggots" and asked "What the fuck is this?"

When Smith turned back to confront the men, they swarmed him, then Kandola knocked him unconscious with a sucker punch to the jaw. The judge found anti-gay hatred fuelled the offence.

Regier says the attack on Holtzman and himself, as well as other incidents of homophobic violence, "points to the need for greater anti-homophobia education and training and other measures to promote inclusion and acceptance."



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You got what you deserved
You got what you deserved, so stop crying about it. I'm sure it'll happen again and am sure you'll get it again.
The Truth Hurts Sometimes
Of course there's a trend, BUT many politically correct people will choose to not see this trend - along with the leaders of these various ethnic communities. Shame on them for not setting up programs to educate their young males that taking mommy's car and driving downtown to beat people up for walking their own streets just like everyone expects to be able to do without having to be sent to the bloody hospital for stitches - or worse. And, where are the classes and programs in our schools to teach our youth that this is NOT acceptable behaviour ?
read before you reply Jean

Who are you quoting? I didn't say those words. I also didn't say or advocate retaliating with more violence - I was talking about nation states sinking to haters level; not us. I also stated that thankfully for those bashers we DONT take that tactic. At least not yet. But people are human and we all have our breaking points. 25 years is a long time to be living under terror without adequate protection. I won't be sympathizing with the basher when and if that breaking point comes.

When I said "flash mob" I suggested verbal confrontation and intimidation by the use of numbers of queer people - just like in TO when someone blew a whistle and suddenly two potential bashers found themselves staring at an angry group of 200 queers on Church/Wellesley. Not a punch was thrown but the point was made.

My statement above is worded very careful NOT to promote retaliation while still expressing the idea that we can and should stand up for ourselves with collective strength. SO don't misquote me.

As far as the law goes. If someone physically attacks you, you have the right to defend yourself with equal force. If a basher attacks ME, or my friends. I will assume he or they intend to kill me - with deadly force. It's a completely reasonable assumption given Aaron Webster. So, if attacked, I will bash and fight back as hard and violently as I can in order to prevent my death or my lover's or my friends. I have some fighting skills and I will use them if need be. If one of the perps gets hurt in the process; then it's their doing. If I die defending myself or my friends; then I die proud. This is what a just war of defence is all about. And this IS bashing this is a war on our community. People are wounded and dying here.

Having said all that. I'm not getting any younger and I pay a lot of fucking taxes. SO I expect cops and courts to fight this war for me. But if they don't my position is clear.

Cody Rage
More violence?!

...Yeah..That'll get them to tollerate us.."Lets bash their brains out!"

Although I agree with you on the whole cop thing, I dont think solving violent attacks with more violence is gonna solve anything. If history has taught us anything, its that:
A) In order to solve problems, we have to re-educate the masses.
B) Violence has only left more hatred.

We have to start from the ground up.
We must educate children-most who come from hate-fused homes- and educate them not only on tollerence, but also respect.
The fucken school board, religious organizations, and whatnot will stand in our way, but it's something which has to be done.
The first thing we must do is make better examples of ourselves.
Yes, we can stand in self defence.
No, we dont have to change who we are to "better suit" a hetro society.
But we CANNOT sink down to a Hater's level.
"When you fight with a pig, you're both gonna get dirty-but the pig likes it."
Remember "Fight Back: Bash Back"?
It's no different than in the days of Queer Nation 20 years ago. The terrorism on our community continues to be perpetrated by these sick, twisted neanderthal bashers: subhuman and pathetic in any race.

This is a war on our community that we are failing to win by trusting the mainstream police to do it for us. The courts let these guys off with light sentences. Meanwhile, our brothers and sisters are wounded, maimed and killed. This is a war and the stats say we are still losing.

If our queer nation were a powerful 1st world nation, we would retaliate by hunting these fuckers down, razing their homes to the ground, and taking their clans out with surgical missile strikes.

Thankfully, for them, we are not Israel or the USA with an idealogy of retaliation in the name of our collective personal security. At least not YET in these changing times.

Standing together and facing these bastards down in our own gay town has historically been effective enough to push down these spikes in cultural terrorism.

So lets get our system back. If anyone calls you a faggot, blow your whistle, text your buddies, summon a few dozen muscle and leather men and confront these shitbags with a spontaneous and angry flash mob to then explain just who the fuck think they would like to deal with now: us or the police.

Time to start patrolling our streets again because the cops and the courts obviously aren't doing it for us.

THis is war we should intend to win.
Stop the Racism
First of all. As a gaybash survivor of Black, Native Heritage what is up with all the racism going on in this comment section? Let me tell you right now if all White Folks were shipped out of this country based upon the ignorant actions of a small percentage you would all be outta here! In my case the basher was white. This is 2010 people...simply put some people are asses and some are not...the color of someone's skin is irrelevant. Let's stop the knuckle dragging get it together...everybody.
I agree anthony
it is not racism, merely FACT!
Canadian Laws vs Criminal groups
Is it racism when stats show a disproportionate numbers of crimes being perpetrated by an ethnic group.

Gang violence on rise. Which gangs, are most of the gang attacks an ethnic group. Ethnic group, then its not racism.

I don't think multiculturalism means letting people in with the prejudices and allowing them to follow the code of their country. welcome to Canada, our laws, not welcome to little (whatever country) and your laws.
ie. Using Sharia laws as proposed by some muslims in Ontario. Canadian Laws for Canadians.
re: Mike
Mike you might have a point if all gay bashings were done by south Asian guys but the fact of the matter is that gay bashers come from all ethnic groups. Not that long ago in my home town of Kitchener all gay bashers were white because there were very few visible minorities of any sort. Nowadays I don't know but I do know an awful lot of anti-gay white guys some of whom have the potential for violence in my opinion. Where there are large numbers of south Asians it only makes sense that a large number of gay bashers are south Asian, homophobic violence is a problem in all cultures in every country around the world. I suspect too that south Asian or other minority group gay bashers stand out more in the news because their names still sound foreign to many of us. The notion that only certain cultures are homophobic, usually Arabs, Muslims or in this case south Asians is ridiculous. Canada has always had a homophobic culture and its only very recently starting to change among a relatively small number of people. There are only a very few areas in the large cities of Canada where a gay/lesbian couple can hold hands without fear of attack either verbal or physical. When someone singles out one ethnicity as being homophobic as opposed to all the others its fair to ask why and to assume that they just don't like people of that ethnicity since all ethnic groups are homophobic, including white Canada. Bigotry doesn't help anyone and does nothing to solve the problem of gay bashing.
You guys are missing the point
Is culture immutable? Are you born with it? No it's not. These people CHOOSE to act like this. That means that I have every right to say that other cultures and other cultural norms (like homophobia) are wrong and evil and disgusting and any one who chooses to engage in such behaviors is also wrong and evil and disgusting. All of these people could choose to act differently and if they did I would happily welcome them to our country and our community. But that's not what multiculturalism is about. It's about letting various people keep their old backward beliefs with out integrating into larger Canadian society. Not all cultures are equal to our guys. But it's just not PC to say, ''that the Canadian way of life is better''. Also I'm not a White gay male as so many of you seem to think. I'm actually mixed, Part east asian part white. Not that that really matters...


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