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Anti-gay activist slips into Pride to hand out fake condoms


Anti-gay activist slips into Pride to hand out fake condoms

On his Free North America blog, anti-gay Christian activist Bill Whatcott posts a detailed account of his participation in the Vancouver Pride parade Aug 3, under the banner of a fraudulent ministry that he invented for the occasion. Left, Whatcott marches along Denman Street and gets a hug from one of the parade volunteers.
Bill Whatcott distributes leaflets under ‘Flying Spaghetti’ group at Vancouver parade

With his revealing shorts, bright pink hair and a shirt that read “The Flying Spaghetti Monster Is Gay,” anti-gay activist Bill Whatcott successfully slipped into Vancouver’s Pride parade on Aug 3.

Whatcott and four of his conservative evangelical Christian supporters marched in the parade under the banner of the fictitious Calgary Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster to distribute anti-gay leaflets disguised as condoms.

“I want homosexuals to turn to Jesus and I believe that people can leave that lifestyle behind,” Whatcott says. “I made this Pride parade way more diverse. It’s not all leather men and naked dudes. Now it includes Christian people with diverse messages on homosexuality. True diversity.”

In the “gospel condom” that he distributed to parade-goers, Whatcott claims that everyone is “anatomically heterosexual” and that gay people “suffer grievously because of their sin.”

“In spite of billions of dollars being spent fighting sexually transmitted diseases ravaging the homosexual subculture, homosexuals are still suffering and dying from AIDS and other homosexually acquired diseases,” writes Whatcott, who believes that Jesus Christ can free gay people from the “bondage of homosexuality or any other sexual addiction.”

But rather than openly protest homosexuality at the parade, Whatcott and his party deliberately posed as gay and gay-friendly participants and invented a fake ministry under whose name they applied to participate. Whatcott signed the parade application using a pseudonym, Matthew Davidson.

“They pulled a very well-orchestrated con, and that’s how I look at it in my books,” says Vancouver Pride Society (VPS) general manager Ray Lam. “They were very friendly people and hugged parade marshals and volunteers and seemed very excited to be there posing for pictures with people along the way. On the surface, if you didn’t see the package or associate the package with this entry, you wouldn’t be able to identify which organization did it just by how they were acting in the parade.”

Whatcott tells Xtra that he and several volunteers across Canada spent a year preparing for the operation. In total, he says, it cost more than $4,000 to pay for gas, gospel condom production, the banner and T-shirts. 

“A number of Christians across the country donated small amounts of money,” he says. “Even though I live well below the poverty line and I got court judgments up my yin yang unpaid, I am still willing to use some of my money for this. I chipped in about $1,000 of my own money.”

In 2013 the Supreme Court of Canada upheld part of a 2005 Saskatchewan Human Rights Tribunal ruling against Whatcott for distributing anti-gay flyers. The high court unanimously ruled that two of the four flyers that Whatcott published and distributed violated the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code by promoting hatred and discrimination against gays and lesbians.

Lam says the VPS was taken completely off guard because a legitimate branch of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a parody religion that opposes the teaching of intelligent design and creationism in public schools, had participated in the parade in previous years.

“When the application came in, a lot of our team members were excited because we were familiar with the organization,” Lam says. “They have a reputation for being fun and animated, and we were very excited to have them — and then this happened.”

Whatcott set up a fake phone number and website to support his ruse.

Lam says all parade applicants undergo a very rigorous screening process to determine whether they’re legitimate organizations that support the LGBT community.

“It’s a bit difficult to prevent something like this when people go to such elaborate lengths to hide their identity,” he says. “There was nothing we, as organizers, could do to catch them, other than contacting head office asking if they had a Calgary section. But this isn’t something someone would reasonably do when you receive an application with a website, phone number and credentials that don’t raise any red flags.”

Whatcott says that his participation in the parade was part of a larger battle and that deception was necessary to get his message across. “The Supreme Court found me guilty of hate speech and I have been breaking that ruling ever since, and this is part of it,” he explains. “I’m still out there. I’m loud and not ashamed of my moral and theological protest. This is spiritual warfare. This is a war against the Supreme Court of Canada and the homosexual agenda. Using deception to get there is okay as long as it’s not malicious.”

Whatcott has previously participated in Pride marches in Alberta and Saskatchewan without hiding his identity but says that his presence at these events was not always welcomed by parade participants.

“Vancouver Pride loved me 100 percent, and it was positive from beginning to end,” he says. “I really liked all the hugs and the hands reaching out to get my gospel condoms. I really liked getting thumbs-up from traffic cops, and I liked the transvestites and lesbians reading my ditty about the Flying Spaghetti Monster. They had no idea that it was written by Bill Whatcott!”

Lam says the VPS is considering its options. “Right now we’re talking to affected parties, like actual Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, to see what we can do in this situation,” he says. “It’s very complicated because it appears that this individual does not care about the law. That’s what makes it so difficult. If they don’t care about the law and legal process, then what do we have as a mechanism to hold them accountable for what they did?”


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The Article "Michigan Womyn's Festival
Could you add a "comments" below it so that we can get a two-sided view of this issue?
Meh... nuisance to be ignored
He's more a narcissist type than anything serious, not for anyone to feel enraged by. Think of him like a 5 year old learning he can be sneaky and cheat at a board game for the first time.

The only thing is that he conflates homosexuality with 'any other sexual addiction'. Thats some misinformation that can keep someone, straight or other, from getting help. For example, one of his own parishoners or whatever you'd call the Fred Phelps crew, may be a closeted or in denial sex addict - straight, gay, misc., whatever. But be so ashamed to admit it and get help because... it means... you're,, gay? and gays bad, mmm k? Or a gay dude will fight getting help for a real sex addiction if they have one, just out of defiance, because some emotionally retarded fake christian goes around trying to shame anyone because they are gay... or have an addiction!

Its like saying we got the cure for being gay or other forms of alcoholism lol. Granted, theres plenty of trauma and addiction that gets wrapped up given the shaming of a culture towards kids' consciousnesses who
grow up gay, and stuffing it, getting told by religious wingnuts that the one who can love them and keep'em out of a literal hell says 'fuck you kid, you're gay. hope your parents disown you. Your ministers right, little bitch. I'm the Lord!'

Yup, wish those few idiot lines in the biblenever were written. Thenphelps and wescott and all the other bigots could go be the merry gay people god meant them to be, without having the shame layers bury their true selves from day one and hurt their innocent childhood selves... so much so to the point they have to spend the rest of their days trying to hurt hurt hurt and control others. so much unconsciousness, best to understand, and giggle a bit, as if watching an out of control 3 year old having a tantrum.

Or... next parade, let him in. Let the pride association have him think he hoodwinked them. And somewhere during the parade, one of the tougher members of pride gets him, surrounds him with some others, and with a piano wire...

It's a choice. Is this really spiritual warfare, and how far are people willing to go to eliminate the shame of evangelicals, and let them know it isnt safe to bring the hate into urban areas? just two extremes to consider.
Vancouver Pride and the
Vancouver Pride and the actual Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster should jointly sue Bill Whatcott and his "followers" who participated in this ruse. It seems trivial, but considering the previous judgement of the Canadian Supreme Court against him, this would seem to be a blatant case of contempt of court (the Canadian Supreme Court no less)! He even admits it: “The Supreme Court found me guilty of hate speech and I have been breaking that ruling ever since, and this is part of it,” he explains. “I’m still out there. I’m loud and not ashamed of my moral and theological protest. This is spiritual warfare. This is a war against the Supreme Court of Canada and the homosexual agenda". So I say, take his word for it and take him (and his fellow co-conspirators") to court.
How ironic
It’s ironic that Queer activists are upset that Bill Whatcott crashed the Vancouver Pride parade – given that a member of the board of directors of Pride Toronto argued for Whatcott’s freedom of expression before the Supreme Court of Canada (even if Whattcott’s expression was homophobic, offensive and hurtful to gays).

In particular, before he joined the legal department of TD Bank, Paul Jonathan Saguil was counsel to one of the interveners, the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression, in Whatcott’s appeal before the Supreme Court.

Saguil was subsequently elected to the board of Pride Toronto by its membership.

In addition to being a director, I understand that Saguil serves as the Secretary to the board of Pride Toronto. Since TD Bank is the banker for, and a major sponsor of, Pride Toronto, I assume that Saguil recuses himself from any board business involving TD Bank.

Not just contempt of court
Not just contempt of court but also fraud and defamation.
While I don't agree with his views, I do think our Human Rights Tribunals are stupid, as well as our anti-hate speech laws. However, he and his group HAVE committed fraud.
Silly Person
Once in drag - always in drag. or "Once you've tasted drag - it's hard to put on a straight rag!"

minister christian is going against his own beliefs by manipulat
This guy gives us accepting good Christians a really bad name I am a gay christian that believes Christian beliefs and no where did Jesus say homosexuals shall be persecuted he said god is a loving god..so this minister is not only a coward but a liar and manipulator which is against the 12 commandments..
This man is obviously a coward... He hodes behind the very banners he's too afraid to attack directly.
All he really managed to do
All he really managed to do was spoof himself, so too bad for him!