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Spooky yet beautiful

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Spooky yet beautiful

Backstage with Sharon Needles
RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 winner Sharon Needles is spooky, beautiful and (not so) stupid. Xtra spoke with her backstage at Five Sixty on June 23, where she was performing at TFD's Every Night Is Halloween Ball.

One thing about Sharon is certain — she may look dead, but her immaculate corpse is full of life.

Here is an excerpt from that interview. To read the full interview go to Blitz & Shitz's June 24 blog.

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stupid Xtra!
These string of comments are yet another fine example of why Xtra! needs to remove the online comment section.

Article after article just contains people who are tossing bitter comment after bitter comment.

If Sharon Needles was your thing, and you enjoyed her two performances, and the meet & greet after - then excellent, I'm glad you got to see her!

If she wasn't your thing, and you stayed home ... then simply shut the hell up.
Who's Sharon?
Oh Sharon fan. It's time you switched off that tv and go get a life. Seriously, you sound young and vibrant. Go experience some of the world and please don't tell me you've backpacked through Europe last year. Really get out there and do something. It's kinda sad to think you spent your time and money to come see this try hard 'perform' two songs. All you've done is lined a backstabbing promoters pockets and helped him live out his cartoon dreams. The quality of his shows is one of the big reasons this city is in the sorry state it's in. Boring, bland and slowly dying.
I 100% agree with you that in 2 years she probably won't be as relevant as she is now, but she is the hottest thing on the the scene RIGHT NOW! If you don't think so, please enlighten me.
Too cute!
Hottest performer in North America?!
Bahahahahaha! While I tend to agree with a portion of your comment, it sounds like you need to leave the island a little more and venture around a real city (hint: not this one)if that is considered a performer. There were many complaints after the 'show' that night. How about we come back to this article 2 years from now and see where what's her name is in her 'career' then. Omigoodness, you are too cute! lol Stop watching so much reality tv silly and get out there and live!
Hey Kate Dates
Funny that you would insult this act. Sharon is the hottest performer in North America right now, and it was a sold out show with a lot of people coming in from out of town to see it (I'm from Victoria and went) It is most definitely not the promoters bringing acts into town that affect the dying scene, it's people with an attitude like yourself. Try saying something positive as opposed to negative, and go out and have fun. It sounds like you really need to let loose.
It's ova
Yep, the scene in Vancouver is officially dead (no pun intended).
If this is all it takes to entertain in Vancouver, it's going to be downhill from here on out. TFD, enough with the comic books, your high prices and choice in acts keeps us off the gay travel map. And Xtra, do us all a favor and get rid of that mousy 'reporter'.
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