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Big Freedia brings her sissy bounce to Vancouver

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Big Freedia brings her sissy bounce to Vancouver

Check out Xtra's video interview
The Queen Diva of sissy bounce — a sub-genre of the popular, very sexual, New Orleans rap music called bounce — is coming to Vancouver on Sept 15.

“Bounce music is part of us. It’s our heart; it’s where we come from and it won’t change,” says Big Freedia, who remembers her first sissy bounce shows as “very terrifying.”

“It was something new to the public,” she says. “People were like, oh my god, this is a gay guy in rap.

“It was very rough in the beginning in certain places, but for the most part, the girls made us feel very welcome. They accepted us everywhere we went, and that’s what got us to where we at now.”

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Bring that fun to Toronto!
Full disclosure: 40-something white fag here who really doesn't get the whole rap and hip-hop thing. But I loved... that... interview. Big Freedia would be fun to hang with -- with Elvira Kurt along for the ride -- and Sissy Bounce looks like too much fun.
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