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Bras specifically designed for transitioning women

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Bras specifically designed for transitioning women

Fake breasts have come a long way since transitioning woman had to rely on Kleenex and chicken cutlets to fill out a sweater.

Now you can buy boobs in any colour, size or texture for all your mammary needs.

However, bras have yet to catch up to the transgender boom. According to Oprah’s bra intervention, 85 percent of women are wearing the wrong bras, so why are those who are newer to the female form sifting through Victoria’s Secret bins looking for something that might work?

The Transforms brand of products (including the Black Lace Enhancer Bra, pictured) has bras specifically designed for transitioning women. They will hold the girls in place while offering the right amount of support and comfort in a beautiful black lace package.
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Because trans women's bodies are just so freaky!
If only I had known that trans women needed special bras to hold our special ta-tas. Alas, now it's too late: my credit is ruined, I have breast cancer, my cat scratched me, my car won't start, and my favorite Thompson Twins album has a big scratch right through "Doctor! Doctor!" Oh, woe is me! Why didn't anyone tell me that my dirty tranny-titties needed bras with mysterious properties beyond a simple band and cup size?!

Who can I sue?
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