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Backstage at the Vancouver Men's Chorus sold-out show

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Backstage at the Vancouver Men's Chorus sold-out show

The Vancouver Men's Chorus. IMAGE 1 OF 1
'I joined for the singing, but I stay for the brotherhood'
The Vancouver Men's Chorus paid tribute to the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's reign with a sold-out series of four shows called Queens! culminating in its closing performance on Sunday, May 13. Xtra was there, backstage with videographer Angelina Cantada, to capture the men and the festive mood.

"It's always entertaining when you see 90 fully grown gay men get their Glee on," says Queens! co-producer Jamie Foster.

"It's also a real fraternity, a real community of guys," says second tenor Victor Cutting. "We just have a lot of fun together."

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Re:The Vestiges of the Closet
Its called the Vancouver Men's Chorus because it's exactly that ....a men's chorus
It's open to all men regardless of sexuality
It doesn't nor should it matter if it's members are gay or straight
The vestiges of the closet
Why does this group of gay men still use a name that avoids the word "gay"? It's time they finally rebranded at the Vancouver Gay Men's Chorus, the Vancouver Gay and Bisexual Men's Chorus or the Vancouver Queer Men's Chorus. Otherwise, if they want to stay in the closet, their activities should not be covered by a gay publication like Xtra.
Fantasic Performance,
We really enjoyed the video. Great to see our son Hugh,commenting.
He certainly enjoys singing and belonging to this group of fine gentlemen.
Nice work!
Thanks for coming by and talking to the guys Angelina. What a nice piece you've made!

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