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WorldPride 2014 community involvement starts this week

WorldPride 2014 community involvement starts this week

Consultation sessions planned for April 17, 18 and 19
Planning for WorldPride 2014 is ramping up. This week, Pride Toronto (PT) is hosting a series of consultation sessions to get Toronto's queer community excited about and involved in planning the international party.

The three sessions are planned for April 17, at the Courtyard Marriott on Yonge St; April 18, at Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto on Simpson Ave; and April 19, at Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre on Bloor St.

“The whole city of Toronto is hosting WorldPride in 2014, so we want everyone to tell us what they want to see,” says WorldPride committee chair Luka Amona.

“We want people to become ambassadors of WorldPride. We want to get people talking on social media, on Facebook and Twitter, and get people involved in the committees as well.”

The meetings mark the official unveiling of the new WorldPride 2014 logo, designed at no cost by Tourism Toronto, he says.

Amona says the sessions will be used to update the community on the planning that has already been done, as well as to discuss Toronto’s involvement in WorldPride in London this summer.

“We will be providing an overview of the delegation heading to WorldPride London 2012,” he says. “We will have a presence in the street fair and we want to march with a Canadian contingent and be there for the opening and closing ceremonies.”

PT has not yet finalized details of the delegation that will head to London this summer, Amona says. “We’re still looking at the activities we will do there, and we’re still looking at funding.

“We will need a committee to be in London for the handover ceremony, handing WorldPride over from London to Toronto, as we officially become WorldPride city.”

The committee will include PT executive director Kevin Beaulieu, board co-chairs Amona and Francisco Alvarez, a delegate from Tourism Toronto, and a still-unnamed Canadian artist or celebrity, Amona says. “We are still talking to people and we are still inviting people as well.”


A missed opportunity
WorldPride 2014 will be a missed opportunity. The QuAIA-loving Pride board of directors will obviously fail to use the event to protest Muslim countries that persecute LGBT people and oppress women. For example, the Advocate reported on April 16 that Saudi Arabia has moved to ban gays and women with masculine appearances from its schools in an effort to fight homosexuality and gender nonconformity. See: http://www.advocate.com/News/Daily_News/2012/04/16/Report_Saudi_Arabia_Bans_Gays_and_Tomboys_from_Schools/ As usual, in keeping with its status as an ally of QuAIA, Xtra failed to report the story.
The self-hating Pansies
and Sissies on the World Pride Committee in no way represents me, a Proud Gay Man! This is nothing more than a touristy family friendly minstrel show for the curious and loathsome. I'm not a monkey and I will not attend. The whole hetero-sexist, homo-apologizing PT lot can go fuck themselves. No Fag with any self-worth would come close to this lot.
Pride Toronto is day dreaming again.
“The whole city of Toronto is hosting WorldPride in 2014" The whole, what whole, would that be exactly?. Pride Toronto doesn't have a clue on uniting Toronto's LGBT community, let alone our straight neighbours, if anything Pride Toronto is pushing community further apart. Pride Toronto is a branded self centred festival. That's why you will never see community leaders from other queer festivals in Toronto, welcomed sit as honoured guests, on the podium on Flag Raising Day. Pride Toronto unite us? Go back to day dreaming.
"self-proclaimed" is the key word
although evan dean proclaims to be "straight", he has been caught in flagrante delicto in the pride office with a male board member. straight to his knees I guess!
smelling for Evan Dean
Before the entire thing is once again ruined by a heterosexual egomaniac with a Napoleon complex, can you verify that Evan Dean is NOT on the world pride committee. Let us hope come the Pride elections this fall that the creature Evan Dean is voted out and that will be the last we ever hear of his self-proclaimed-heterosexual, homo-hating, quisling, manipulative ass.
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