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UPDATE: Egale will not disclose donation amount


UPDATE: Egale will not disclose donation amount

The 'Stop Corrupting Children' ad from the Institute for Canadian Values in September 2011.The receipt from the National Post showing the donation to Egale with the amount blacked out. IMAGE 1 OF 2
National Post had donated money after publishing transphobic ad
UPDATE, Aug 28 -- Helen Kennedy, executive director of EGALE, will not reveal the amount the National Post donated to the LGBT rights organization after the newspaper pulled the “Stop Corrupting Children” ad it ran in September 2011 during the Ontario election campaign.
Kennedy says she does not want to breach the tacit privacy agreement between Egale and its donors.
“I’m not in a position to reveal what individual donations were to Egale,” she says. “If you donated to Egale in trust, would you want that given to a paper?
“I think the speculation in the community is that it was a very large sum of money. I am just trying to respect the rights of a donor to privacy.”
A representative from National Post’s advertising department says a full-page black and white ad would cost about $45,000, less if the advertiser has a contact with Post Media.
Kennedy says she “would love to reveal the amount for the community.” She will say the donation was much less than $45,000.
“We did some calculations as well,” she says. “We speculated on how much the proceeds would be, but I don’t know how it works. I don’t know how much proceeds would be from that.”
Nick Mulé, chair of Queer Ontario, says a coalition of about 10 groups released a statement following the publication of the ad. The coalition included the 519 Church Street Community Centre, Egale, the LGBT Youth Line, Supporting Our Youth (SOY), Black CAP, Rainbow Health Ontario (RHO), Fife House, Sherbourne Health Centre and the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation.
“The coalition was formed to express our anger to the ad itself and how offensive it was,” he says. “There needed to be a community voice to come forward.
“We wanted to hold them to account. You can’t just run an ad like that and not expect some kind of reaction to it.”
Mulé thinks Egale should make public the amount of the donation.
“I think the donation should have been shared with the coalition,” he says. “We are all groups in need, and that would be an acknowledgement of everyone’s work. Why all the secrecy? Why is the amount not being shared? Whose interests are being benefited? In a coalition, there needs to be transparency.”
Kennedy says the money was directed to Egale’s trans programming.

Aug 13
-- Remember the "Stop Corrupting Children" ad that ran in the National Post in September 2011 during the Ontario election campaign? 

The Institute for Canadian Values creation sparked much criticism and forced the paper's editors to apologize for printing the transphobic advertisement from the Christian-right group.  

They then pledged to donate the proceeds from the ad to a local group that works to advance the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people.

At the time, the Post didn't respond to Xtra’s follow-up calls asking which group received the donation.

One year later, Xtra tried again and finally got some answers.

National Post publisher Douglas Kelly says a donation was made to Egale Canada.

However, Kelly wouldn’t say how much money was donated, citing privacy between the media company and its advertisers. “I’m not going to tell you how much money was donated because that was reflective of the value of the ad, and we don’t release that. That’s a private contract between us and an advertiser.”

Helen Kennedy, Egale's executive director, did not return calls from Xtra.

The “Stop Corrupting Children” campaign was first launched earlier in 2011 to protest proposed revisions to provincial physical and health education curriculum that would include more sex education for younger children.

Under a picture of a young girl, the ad read, “Please don’t confuse me. I’m a girl. Don’t teach me to question if I’m a boy, transexual, trangendered, intersexed or two spirited [sic].”

The ad called on the leaders of the three major political parties to “stop teachers from confusing” the little girl, as she “face[s] enough in the world already.”

At the time, Charles McVety, whose Canada Christian College houses the Institute for Canadian Values, told Xtra he didn’t believe the ad to be homophobic or transphobic.

The Liberal government has yet to follow through on its commitment to hold curriculum consultations or reintroduce its new curriculum, as had been promised when it postponed the curriculum launch almost two years ago.

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Will Queer Ontario again demand a share?
According to a September 15 tweet by Ontario Education Minister Lauren Broten, she announced at the September 14 Egale gala that the Government of Ontario will be giving $500,000 to Egale. See: http://twitter.com/LaurelBroten Given their past demand for a share of the National Post donation to Egale, I assume that the pro-QuAIA leaders of Queer Ontario will now be demanding a share of the $500,000.
Posting financial statements on their website
Queer Ontario has a page on its website directly soliciting donations from the public. See: http://queerontario.org/donate/ Rather that only post financial statements on scribd.com, Queer Ontario should also post its financial statements on its website in a direct manner that is easily visible and accessible to any member of the public. Most publicly-funded organizations in the LGBT community post financial statements on their website in such a direct manner. For example, see the PWA Foundation's financial statements at http://www.pwatoronto.org/english/publications.php and ACT's financial statements at http://www.actoronto.org/home.nsf/pages/financial
Seeking Financial and Process Transparency
Regarding ‘Egale will not disclose National Post donation amount’ [Xtra!, September 6, 2012, #727] Anthony from Toronto called Queer Ontario "hypocritical" for not publishing "audited annual financial statements". In fact we do publish our finances (see budget and actuals at http://www.scribd.com/doc/71862002/QO-2011-Proposed-Budget). We also present a financial report at our Monthly and Annual General Meetings, which are open to all. Auditing would be grossly inaccessible for us given our status as an unincorporated, non-government-funded, small-budget organization.

Beyond the issue of donation transparency is the issue of transparency of process. Egale along with Queer Ontario and eight other community organizations made up a coalition that prepared, signed and released a letter of protest regarding the National Post ad. It is expected that all members engage in fair and respectful coalition work. Egale's discussions with the daily paper and ultimate decision to accept such a donation, despite it being a coalition effort, was never shared with any of the nine other coalition members either during or since the process.

Nick Mulé
Queer Ontario

Richard Hudler
Queer Ontario
Impressed yet?
Why give money slated to be given to Trans organizations, to a gay & lesbian one? Egale has over many years now, despite protestations to the contrary,nearly always thrown the T side of the LGBT community under the figurative bus. From employment issues to equality ones, the T has always been an afterthought at best, an inconvenient hassle for them for the most part & a pain to have to deal with in the overall, by how they've done things so far.

What they say & what they do, matter. And their actions speak very loudly.

By not disclosing, they don't give the greater trans community a huge element of the puzzle.

How much of this will REALLY go to Trans issues & how much will be eaten up in BS "administration costs" and similar crap?

Way to screw over the community, YET AGAIN Egale. Glad to see your REAL stripes are showing clearly yet again.
There is no such thing as "LGBT"
I do wish that we could stop using this ridiculous contrivance. It was silly when it was invented and it is silly today. LGBs are defined by sexual orientation and the overwhelming majority of them are not trans. Trans people are defined by gender identity and the overwhelming majority of them are not gay. These are 2 separate groups.

We can be friends and, when it makes sense, we can be allies on certain issues. But gays do not form a singular "people" or "community" with trans people. That a handful of unelected activists concocted LGBT for ideological reasons doesn't make it a valid concept.

EGALE owes nothing to any trans activist group. Good for them for accepting the donation and respecting the confidence of the donor.

Further, when Xtra runs these stories about trans issues, it should be made clear that they are stories about a non-gay allied group, comparable to a story about the labor movement or the environmental movement.
no T in EGALE
furthermore, if Egale was a true ally of the trans community, they would have declined this donation and recommended that the money be sent to trans orgs, such as East Coast Trans Alliance and Newfoundland Patient Association for Transsexual Health.
where was this article back when?
newspaper insults trans community. trans community gets upset. cis allies get upset. newspaper gives gay/lesbians money. nobody but me seemed upset by this.. now other gay/lesbian orgs want a piece of the trans pie, and only now this is newsworthy? if national post was really remorseful towards trans community, they would have given money to trans community in the first place. end of story.
why target EGALE??
Why are we beating up on EGALE? Ms. Kennedy made that organizations privacy policy quite clear...so if we are so interested, why not ask the National Post how much they donated?

Also, Queer Ontario are a total joke. I certainly hope that none of their "coalition" members receive any of that funding--if it is directed to QO you'll never see where that money goes. (+1 to the comment above re: transparency)
What about Queer Ontario's transparency?
The article quotes Queer Ontario's Nick Mulé as calling for financial transparency from EGALE. That pretty hypocritical coming from Queer Ontario, which accepts donations from the public but does not publish audited annual financial statements on its website. I only give to non-profit organizations and charitable organizations in the LGBT community that provide financial transparency by publishing audited annual financial statements on their website - so anyone can see how they use the monies they receive from the public.
forced? more like leeched onto
Brian T Dot, many of the G and Ls have long wanted the T to be a separate movement and have no idea why you are "forced" to be in our category. But whenever any one of us says this you T and your Q fanatic supporters go apeshit. Make up your mind. Go your own way and link up with hetero queers with gender issues.


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