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Take Back the Dyke takes over Toronto streets


Take Back the Dyke takes over Toronto streets

Take Back the Dyke marches north on University Ave on Saturday, July 3. IMAGE 1 OF 1
Event held at same time as Pride Toronto Dyke March
Toronto had two dyke marches at the same time on Saturday, July 3: the Pride Toronto Dyke March and Take Back the Dyke.

Take Back the Dyke was organized in protest of Pride Toronto's decision to ban use of the term "Israeli apartheid" at Pride events.

Pride rescinded the ban on June 23, but Take Back the Dyke still went ahead with their competing march. From the Facebook group: "We applaud the hard work of our community's activists who pressured Pride Toronto to rescind the ban. But let's be clear: Pride's reversal should not make us come running back into the arms of this abusive relationship, forgiving and forgetting."

Watch a clip of Take Back the Dyke, which started at Nathan Phillips Square, moved west on Queen and north on University to Queen's Park:

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I truly wish I could have been in Toronto then to stand and cheer on my queer sisters as they marched!
fierce and free spirit
Take Back The Dyke was amazing and beautiful, truly in the spirit of the original dyke marches organized by Lesbian Avengers in the early 90's. It was just us, in all our proud and mouthy visible wonderfulness. No permit, no sponsors, no barriers. We took the streets. Thanks to Sasha and Jess and all the amazing dykes of every variety who made it happen.
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