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Sun pours down on Toronto Dyke March


Sun pours down on Toronto Dyke March

City shows impressive display of unity and power
At the front of the Dyke March — after the police escort and Dykes on Bikes — about a dozen high school students formed an unassuming contingent.
At the centre of the group, a wiry figure sporting a pink-and-white Catholic Schools Need GSAs T-shirt was all smiles. Leanne Iskander was joined by fellow students from St Joe’s Catholic School; their fight to get a gay-straight alliance at their Mississauga high school is ongoing.
Earlier this year, Iskander was named the march’s honoured dyke.
Iskander was one of thousands of bi, lesbian and trans women who marched down Yonge St in a show of power and unity.
Last year, Take Back the Dyke, a protest against the increasingly corporate nature of Pride, held a protest march at the same time as the Pride Toronto-approved Dyke March.
This year, organizers of Take Back the Dyke planned Stonewall TO, an event to mark the anniversary of the New York riots. That event took place June 26.
Find photos from the march here:



In a surreal moment, one reveller caught Pride-bashing Toronto Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti videotaping the march. Xtra is investigating, but in the meantime see for yourself in this video posted to YouTube:

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Jews and G. Mammoliti
Meir, if the "Jewish community" would distance themselves from George Mammoliti - who has spewed unbelievable hatred against us - people might be more favourably inclined to agree with you. I dislike QuAIA and think they do nothing positive at all, surely you can find better allies than this unbelievable homophobe who has been at this since the early 90s when he was an MPP. I worked in the Legislature and listened to him spew hatred towards us.
You can do better than let him be your moutpiece.
He's a pig !!
He taped the Dyke March for his own personal use later. I'm betting that he abused himself while watching the recording. He's a creep !!
Excuse me?
Why would pride Toronto owe anyone an apology?
Mammolit has been very vocal against pride for a long time now, please do not think he is doing the Jewish community any favor.
Mammoliti is just trying to find the funding for his $10 million dollar flag pole. I find it strange that some who acts so homophobic can litter the ward he represents with so many phallic symbols.
Maybe he is not anti gay, maybe he is just hiding
Funding problems
Pride Toronto owes the Jewish community an apology.
giorgio and his brilliant ideas
Yep, sure enough after spending the day filming the Dyke March, Councillor Mammoliti is now threatening to cut all funding right now!! Another city councillor hard at work for the people of Toronto. I'm sure he spent many hours reveiwing the footage to gather up evidence of why the parade should be shut down. This clown makes Rob Ford look the dignified one. If this is the kind of game Ford and Mammoliti want to play, BRING IT!
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