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Rob Ford wants Pride flag removed from Toronto City Hall


Rob Ford wants Pride flag removed from Toronto City Hall

Rob Ford has asked the city manager to remove a rainbow flag at Toronto City Hall.
Disgraced mayor says Olympics 'not about someone’s sexual preference'

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has asked the city manager to remove a rainbow Pride flag at city hall that was raised to coincide with the Winter Olympics in Russia, the CBC reports.  

Rainbow flags have been raised in several Canadian cities over recent days in order to show solidarity with LGBT Russians and athletes — both silenced under Russia’s anti-gay laws. 

“This is about Olympics,” Ford said Feb 7. “This is about being patriotic to your country; this is not about someone’s sexual preference.”

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Ford’s objection to the rainbow flag at city hall comes on the heels of his Feb 5 announcement that he won’t attend WorldPride festivities this summer in his city.


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Wonder how Ford feels about
Wonder how Ford feels about all his fag-Con buddies on Parliament Hill (including barebacking closet case Harper)
Crazy Town Indeed
We have a mayor and his brother who unequivocally have misrepresented Pride, and admitted their homophobe-ish attitudes. We have a city councillor, Ms. Wong Tam, who (unilaterally?) announced a few weeks back that she'd uninvited Ford to this year's World Pride. Then we have Kevin B. - chair of PRIDE - caught like a deer staring at oncoming headlights on CP24.com a coupla days ago, claiming that invitations hadn't even been sent out yet, so how could the Fords refuse them? And there's our own Xtra.ca, whose coverage of these latest developments (including the latest rainbow flag/Sochi games flap) is WOEFULLY lacking. Where is the outrage? Where are the protests? Where are the rallies? Harvey Milk would be appalled! Wake up Everybody - set aside Sochi and Pride and "Israeli apartheid" for a sec - there's a battle, a cultural war brewing right here, on our doorstep. Mobilize now. There's an election coming.
sexual preference
Being gay is not a preference, it is an orientation. I can't believe people still think some element of this is a choice after all these years.
Raise the Pride Flag
Raising the Pride Flag during the Olympics makes a protest statement concerning human rights violations in Russia without interfering with the dreams of athletes to compete in the Olympics. I fully support those cities and mayors who have taken this stand for human rights. Toronto would do well to ignore Ford on this issue and his buffoonery in general.
How Long, Toronto?
How long will it be before someone steps in and euthanases the ailing pseudo-mayoralty of this spherical buffoon? He has no real powers in his post and his continued drug-addled and inebriated ramblings and belligerence must be a profound embarrassment to his city.
Wrong choice of words...
He has to be removed by an election, NOT by euthanasia-and it's up to YOU and other GLBT people to get up off your butts and vote, and also get others to do so.