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Ramadan iftar breaks fast, builds bridges


Ramadan iftar breaks fast, builds bridges

Salaam: Queer Muslim Community's 10th event to be hosted at The 519
Friday, July 20 marks the beginning of Ramadan, the ninth and holiest month in the lunar Islamic calendar and a time marked for many by fasting from dawn till dusk. Practitioners break their fast right after sunset, at a dinner called iftar.
In Toronto, Muslims and non-Muslims of diverse genders, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, classes, colours and dis/abilities will have the opportunity to share food and company at a unique iftar at the 519 Church St Community Centre. This year marks the 10th year for the dinner, which was originally hosted by Salaam: Queer Muslim Community.
Salaam founder and activist El-Farouk Khaki describes the iftar as a space for building bridges. "This event is really about knowing your neighbour and breaking bread together," Khaki says. The use of large, cafeteria-style tables at the dinner, he says, puts even those who come with groups of friends in a position where they're encouraged to "interact and interface with others."
Since Salaam's first iftar, the list of sponsors has grown to include a number of organizations that serve Muslims but are not Muslim-identified. That list includes the Toronto Unity Mosque, HUMAN +, Egale Canada, the Iranian Queer Organization, the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, Africans in Partnership against AIDS, Asian Community Health Services and Women's Health in Women's Hands. Such collaboration among Muslims and non-Muslims, Khaki says, makes the iftar one of only a few of its kind.
Khaki says the dinners, which have seen attendance nearly double since 2003 to around 240 expected this year, have helped "open up Muslim communities to the larger community, and open up the larger community to Muslims." At the same time, the events have helped bring about conversations within Muslim communities.
"Over the years, we have had increasing numbers of straight Muslims coming to the iftar," Khaki says. "In the first few years, it was largely LGBTI Muslims and non-Muslims. Over the years, more and more non-LGBTI-identified Muslims are coming.
"This is a good thing, because not only do Muslims and non-Muslims get to break bread and know each other, but different kinds of Muslims get to meet as well, and this hopefully leads to an increased acceptance in the Muslim community of LGBTI people."
Doors at The 519 open at 7:30pm. A program, including performances by Troy Jackson will begin at 7:45pm, with the call to prayer after sunset at 8:53pm. Toronto activist Lali Mohamed will lead Maghrib prayers. Participants are encouraged but not required to fast from dusk till dawn on Friday and are welcome to bring a non-alcoholic beverage or desert to share.
For more info, visit salaamcanada.org/salaams-iftar.
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queered people wallow in white shame
The reason that Islam is queer is because queered leftists believe that all Muslims are "brown" therefore the subjects of white racism and that is the Grail of their Religion of Anti-White Imperialism. All religions are garbage and the ultimate oppressors of humanity, but Christers and Jews are "white" so automatically right wing and worthy enemies of Queer Inc. but Muslimers are "brown" (and in the US they are "black"!) so sancrosanct and deemed fellow queers of oppression. Insanity. Religion is madness especially the religion of Queer Leftism.
ISLAM --NOT The Religion of Peace
The Bible's Old testament is equally Homophobic to the Koran, yet Kulanu members are Gay and Jewish and adhere to the Jewish rituals. Members of the Metropolitan Community Church also attend church in spite of the God Hates Fags campaign of American Evangelists. These LGBT churchy type people --of any religion-- are very similar in their goody-goody behaviour, regardless of the language in which they worship and whatever God they worship: Yawe, Allah, Jesus... Basically they want to belong and be accepted by a community. They are harmless. Let them bow down in whatever way want they want to. They are not harming anyone. ___As for killing a goat in a park then eating it... What is the difference between you eating chicken or cow murdered in a slaughterhouse by someone else? You are equally an accomplice in the taking of a life if you eat that animal, which you paid someone to murder! ___ ISLAM is a separate issue. ___ Still today, Allah cuts off people's hands “because He is merciful”...and he has women mutilated (clitoris) and stoned to death...for whatever reason. That doesn't make sense to me either...He has Gays jailed and murdered. ___ Islam has never been the religion of peace --it has been spread by the sword since its inception. Descendants of Mohammed waged war on eachother and the rest of the world. The Shia/Sunni conflict still rages with each group destroying each other's markets and temples --all of them Allah's temples. It doesn't make sense --but hate never makes sense. Islam has been the major source of murder and massacre in the Muslim world. So when I see women wearing niqabs and burqas on Church Street, Yonge Street and Bay Street, it pisses me off! Why did they leave their countries if Islam is so great, to come to a free country only to perpetuate the conditions from which they escaped? The conventional Muslim hates Gays. As they multiply we will see more anti-Gay activity___ http://dotsub.com/media/b5ee5ada-5b37-4b0b-9916-e0896337ec4b/e/m
@Joe Clark
Good question!

I remember the barbaric killing last year of the goat in a public park.

What disgusted me is the fact that no charges were laid against the perps even though their actions were clearly illegal.

After Toronto Police refused to lay charges I tried to get the Ontario SPCA to lay criminal charges (which is within their mandate) but even the OPSCA was afraid to act lest they "offend" any adherents to the "Religion of Peace"
No such thing as a Gay Muslim
Who are these people trying to kid? You cannot be a practicing Muslim and homosexual. A practicing Muslim must follow the tenets of the Quran and Sharia Law. Under Sharia Law Homosexuality is a crime punishable by death. What the hell is happening to Church street? Most of the take-away restaurants are Sharia compliant serving only Halal meat. The 519 is hosting an "iftar" dinner. Very simply, the adherents to Islam do not belong in a tolerant society country like Canada.
Who sacrificed the goat?
The article does not identify which gay Muslim slit the throat of the goat that was later eaten and which non-Muslims stood by and watched in a show of multicultural solidarity. The foregoing was reported last year and Muslims are nothing if not creatures of habit, so surely it happened this year.

But all that would require reporting, not transcription of apologists’ blandishments.
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