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Pride Toronto woos women


Pride Toronto woos women

Pride board application deadline is Oct 5
Pride Toronto is once again actively encouraging women to run for its board positions. 

The deadline to apply for one of five vacant spots is Oct 5, says co-chair Francisco Alvarez, who notes that so far there have been 16 applications. “That’s a record in my time with the board, so that’s a good sign.”

Board elections will take place at the annual general meeting on Oct 25.

One of the available positions was occupied by co-chair Luka Amona, who decided to leave the board for personal reasons, Alvarez says. Amona could not be reached for comment.

Alvarez says PT treasurer Daniel Knox is unsure whether he will run for reelection.

Currently, the only woman on the board is Susan Gapka. Alvarez, who has previously called PT's board "too male-dominated," says it’s important to PT to strive for gender equality.

“We have had a few applications from women, so I am hopeful,” he says. “We always try to represent the community as much as possible on the board, on staff and with our volunteers, as well.”

Of the 16 applicants for the board, about six are women, he says.

With the departure of Amona, there are eight people on the PT board. “We are committed to expanding to the full 12 board members as our bylaws allow. We want to ensure gender equality and ethnic representation, along with appropriate board skills.”

The board will also be releasing its year-end report at the AGM and selecting a theme for the 2013 festival. In addition, it will present audited financial statements, “which for the first time since I’ve been on the board will be complete in time for an AGM,” Alvarez says.

The board will approve the audited financial statements on Oct 10 if no changes are requested.

“I’m pretty certain we are going to show a surplus,” Alvarez says.
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Women? Where are the women?
Let's consider why it is so hard. There will be the usual "women are blocked" type of answers. There are many indications that there are fewer homosexual women than men. Many women vacillate between gay and straight relationships and drop out of community events. I have two friends now raising children with men. Also, the trans explosion has affected numbers. Many lesbians I know would rather be involved with Dyke Day but don't give a fuck about the greater Pride context. But lets never forgot this: it is up to women to come forward. Consider the context: you are almost guaranteed a board spot as Pride enters the most high profile time in its history. No whining next year about male privilege. You had the chance and you didn't take it.
Joe My God
Wow, the tone and content of Anthony's message make him sound suspiciously like the Queen of all Malcontents, Joe Clark.
Joe Mama
Joe Clark - love him or not - has never shied from putting his own name and face to his comments. He is also much more committed to concise comment than "Anthony" is. Scepticism is useful, but beware should it take you down the wrong road.
And another thing Ant Honey
way way too many grammar and punctuation errors in that screed for it to be Clarkian.
Repeated breach of law
The article quotes Francisco Alvarez, the pro-QuAIA co-chair of the board of directors of Pride Toronto, as saying that Pride Toronto’s audited annual financial statements will, for the first time since he’s been on the board, be complete in time for an annual general meeting of members. This means that Pride Toronto, under Alvarez’s leadership, has been in breach of the Ontario Corporations Act (which governs non-profit corporations) for several years. By way of background, Pride Toronto is a corporation without share capital governed by the Ontario Corporations Act, which requires that audited annual financial statements be presented at each annual meeting of members. The purpose of this requirement is to allow members to see how the organization has performed financially before they vote on whether to re-elect any incumbent directors. If an organization has had financial problems, the members may choose not to re-elect directors if they believe the directors mismanaged the organization. Aside from what the law requires, if Pride Toronto really wanted to be financially transparent and accountable to its members, it would post its audited annual financial statements on its website IN ADVANCE of the annual meeting - so members will have adequate time to review and consider them. In any event, since the financial year end of Pride Toronto is July 31 and it usually holds its annual meeting of members in the Fall, there is no acceptable reason why the board of directors of Pride Toronto can’t comply with the law and release audited annual financial statements at or before the annual meeting. The failure in recent years of the Pride Toronto board to release audited annual financial statements at or before the annual meeting, is yet another reason why Alvarez should step down, or not be re-elected, as a director and co-chair of Pride Toronto. It’s time for a change.
10 years behind the Western trends
Anyone who uses the word "around" to preface "issues" is not living on any realistic plane of existence. Gender is a bore. Get over it.
Next to no statistical or demographical research has been done around non-binarily gendered individuals in Canada, so your remarks can only be taken with a grain of salt -- as inexperiencedly and contemptuously prejudiced. Nevertheless, the fact remains (and you even acknowledged this yourself!): non-binarily gendered individuals still exist, regardless of how they identify or "label" themselves; so where does that leave things...?
more queer bullshit while hets run wild
Martin, what is too bad is that all those phoney labels only refer to about 200 people in all of Canada almost all of them po-faced bi girls and histrionically emo fat bois who have too much time on their hands for Queer Theory. You may untwist your scandalized panties now, Martina.

AND let us hope Pride gets rid of that self-proclaimed heterosexual male Evan Dean who has done more to trash the gay and lesbian community than any Fordite fatso. Dump the het!
Binarism at its best.
It's too bad "gender equality" doesn't also include agender, bigender, multi-gendered, genderquer, genderfluid, two-spirited, and gender non-identifying individuals...


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