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Murray: New sex ed policy coming


Murray: New sex ed policy coming

Rightwing reactionary homophobes just love these issues: Murray
MPP Glen Murray met with community members in the Church and Wellesley Village on Feb 8 to talk about pressing concerns like healthcare, Ontario’s energy plan, seniors’ issues and the economy.

But Murray also answered questions from Xtra on education issues, including the Liberals’ abandonment of a progressive sex ed curriculum a year ago.

Murray says the public can expect a revised curriculum soon. “I think the new curriculum is pretty good,” he said. “I have to tell you, many of the things that offended people are already in the curriculum. We talk about all kinds of families and human sexuality in our elementary schools.”

Last year the province released an updated sexual education and health curriculum, the first in 12 years. But after Christian groups complained, McGuinty pulled it, pending a “rethink” and further consultations with parents. The curriculum was shelved.

Murray lamented that some rural MPPs from less progressive ridings had difficulty selling the original curriculum to their conservative constituents.

“The rightwing reactionary homophobes just love these issues,” he said.

About 40 people attended the Church and Wellesley Town Hall, one of 10 meetings targeting different areas of the city throughout February and March. The final meeting is in Corktown on March 29.

The first half of the meeting was devoted to questions on healthcare, hospitals, home care, transit, affordable housing and speculation about an upcoming provincial election.
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Glen Murray: Friend?
Jeff, you ask if Xtra can have an effect on Glen Murray. I don't know, but I do know that Xtra should set its sights above and beyond Glen. He may be gay, but apparently he's a politician first. As such, he will have been asked by now to either toe the party line on Catholic school discrimination, or to leave the party. I'm sure he's working on a euphemism for his situation right now that he will share with us in his scheduled interview with Xtra. Probably some BS like, "Ontario has a rich, historical tradition of Catholic school funding, and we know this is what's best for Ontario's children. Next question, please." In any case, all three Big Parties are in the Church's pocket on this one. No sense singling out Glen when no other MPP is willing to break their silence. That's why Ontario needs to be made the laughing stock of the free world before anything will happen. Politicians will see the light only once enough people have said, "Why would I move to Ontario when Mississippi offers the same redneck homophobia PLUS good weather?" At least Mississippi doesn't use tax dollars to promote its bigotry.
Can Xtra have an effect on Glen Murray?
I acknowledge that Xtra is a force in the local gay community and has the power to put heat on local gay leaders until they do what Xtra wants. For example, I think Xtra's front page endorsement of Kristyn Wong-Tam and repeated criticism and ridiculing of Ken Chan did have an effect on the close race in Ward 27 during last Fall’s municipal election. Similarly, I think repeated pressure from Xtra was the primary reason why the Pride Toronto board reversed their initial decision last year to prevent QuAIA from marching in Pride. In like manner, I think Xtra’s repeated attacks on Tracey Sandilands did eventually cause her to resign (or be dismissed, depending on what story you believe) as the Executive Director of Pride Toronto. But, I don’t think Xtra can have the same effect on Glen Murray. After all, Glen Murray was elected as the local MPP with 47% of the vote in last year’s by-election (compared to 33% for the NDP and 15% for the Tories). Toronto-Centre has been a safe seat for the federal and provincial Liberals for many years now. Murray can win re-election in this Fall’s election even if Xtra keeps hounding him on the GSA issue. Murray doesn’t need to worry about Xtra.
Ed's note
Hi Rick: Excellent question. Dombrowsky has so far refused to speak with us. You can see our story on mum politicians here. I've added some backgrounder links to the end of the story above. We've asked for another interview with Murray. He scheduled one for March 9, then rescheduled for three weeks hence. His line so far is that there's a process that ought to run its course. But yes, the silence on the GSA matter from our elected representatives is deafening.
So, Glen, have you had your chat with Leona yet?
After Xtra did some good investigative journalism and learned that not a single Catholic school in the province has (or, likely, ever intends to have) a GSA, Glen bravely promised to take up the matter with the Minister of Education, Leona Dombrowsky. Any news on that front, Glen? It's been a month.

Did Leona mention that she's a former Catholic school board chair and trustee?
"rightwing, reactionary homophobes"
Some Christians are actually hateful, “rightwing, reactionary homophobes,” as proven by history, and some Christians are not. He never said that all Christians were anything... Some people can read and reason, others just bunch everything together in their own mind and react emotionally to their own fantasies. 'Nuf said....
Murray is so ignorant
What an incredibly ignorant thing for Glen Murray to say. I'm all for progressive sex-education reforms but labelling Christians as "rightwing, reactionary homophobes" is just as stupid as claiming Harper, Hudak and Rob Ford are racists. Will this guy ever stop putting his foot in his mouth?
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