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Mayor Rob Ford silent about homophobic and racist comments


Mayor Rob Ford silent about homophobic and racist comments

Toronto Star reporter describes the video; city councillors weigh in
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford may have apologized on his weekend radio program for excessive drinking in public, but he has yet to acknowledge the alleged homophobic and racist slurs he made on the now-infamous crack cocaine video.
On Nov 3, Ford admitted on Newstalk 1010 that he has made “mistakes” and that he has a “drinking problem,” but he made no mention of his behaviour in the video.
For many, the reported racist and homophobic comments are more troubling than the other allegations.
Toronto Star reporter Robyn Doolittle is one of three reporters known to have seen the video. At city hall on Nov 4, she described for Xtra what she saw and heard when she screened it. She says Ford is visibly impaired before the conversation starts. The video ends with Ford “lighting up” a glass pipe filled with what appears to be crack cocaine.
“The video is about a minute and a half, and I understand it is an edited copy,” she says. “Someone off-camera starts talking about Justin Trudeau and politics, and the person off-camera says something to the effect of ‘I want to shove my foot so far up that guy’s ass it comes out the other end.’ That’s when Ford says Justin Trudeau is a fag.”
Doolittle says Ford also makes racist comments on the video. While talking about coaching football, the conversation strays incoherently back and forth between Ford and the unknown man off-camera.
“He says something to the effect of ‘Everyone expects me to be so rightwing,’” Doolittle says. “[Then], ‘fucking minorities.’”
Doolittle says many people seem to be more disturbed by the comments than the drug use the video depicts. 
“What I’m hearing is that it’s the racial slurs and the slurs against the gay community, I think, when this tape comes out, that are going to be tricky to explain,” she says. “The mayor is encouraging the police to release this footage. I know what I saw. I can’t imagine that will be a good day for him when that comes out.”
In an Oct 31 press conference, Police Chief Bill Blair confirmed that police have the video, which he said is “consistent with what had been previously described in various media reports.”
“As a citizen of Toronto I’m disappointed. It’s an issue of significant public concern,” he added. 
Despite this, Ford is refusing to step down, and his brother, Councillor Doug Ford, has instead called for Blair to step down. Toronto media reported Nov 5 that the mayor's brother is accusing the police chief of bias. 
Meanwhile, several city councillors have weighed in on the issue. Some say that Ford needs to resign and seek help for his addiction issues. Others, like Ford ally and executive committee member Gary Crawford, are giving Ford “the benefit of the doubt” until the video is released to the public. (Watch Xtra's video report from city hall.)
“These are pretty serious allegations,” Crawford says. “Can I make comments on that? It concerns me along with everything else. I need to see the video before I can comment.”
Ultimately, Crawford says, this is inappropriate behaviour for a mayor. At some point, even members of Ford’s executive committee need to ask, “Is this what’s best for the city?” he says. 
If true, he says, the homophobic and racist comments are particularly damaging. “The mayor has to respect and represent the entire city. I understand — not where he’s coming from, if those [comments] were indeed said, he has to be sensitive to everybody,” he says.
“When he was elected, people understood he’s got some warts. He is who he is, and I would not suggest that I support that . . . We knew what we were getting when we elected him.”
Councillor Adam Vaughan says Ford’s racist and homophobic statements should be enough to remove the mayor from office.
“His homophobia has been on the record here at city hall for years,” he says. “He was elected in spite of it . . . Racism and homophobia is unacceptable for anybody, let alone an elected official and the chief magistrate of the city.”
Councillor Michael Thompson wouldn’t take questions about Ford’s homophobic and racist comments. He says that Ford needs to take “some time” and provide “clarity” to Torontonians. 
“This has an impact on the city’s reputation,” he says. “We’re all troubled by these challenges . . . We are becoming the butt of many jokes, and it’s not really helpful.”
When asked by a caller on his Newstalk 1010 radio program what exactly he is apologizing for, Ford referenced two specific events when he was seen drunk and "a little out of control" in public.
"I’ve made mistakes, like, where do I begin?" Ford said. "For example, the [Taste of the Danforth street festival], that was pure stupidity. I shouldn’t have got hammered down at the Danforth. If you’re going to have a couple of drinks, you stay at home and that’s it, you don’t make a public spectacle of yourself."
Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam declined to comment but did release a statement. She says she will not judge the mayor for his drug use and hopes that Ford takes a leave of absence to seek help. 
“I am most saddened that the allegations of Mayor Ford making racist and homophobic remarks in this video are now confirmed,” she states. “We deserve a mayor that champions social inclusion and equity, a city leader that inspires excellence from all residents. Toronto deserves better leadership.” 
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Europe Knows About Ford - Drugs & Homophobia
Ford may be silent about his homophobia, but I'm staying in Europe for some months and his ranting and homophobic comments are on all English European channels.
Whoa! Kristya Wong-Tam deserves respect please!
Ya'll trolling in your pseudonym knocking a really hard working councillor, one willing to list her activities and functions each day on Facebook. That's accountability to me, and I like it.

Councillor Wong-Tam accepts my phone calls (the one l made), talked openly about her concern of how Pride would get the million $$$ it needed for World Pride, and questioned if it would meet that goal ... to her hosting a World Pride Summit last June (not Pride Toronto) to get input from the community.

She, along with everyone else doesn't know what Toronto Pride is doing, I appreciate her honesty.


I phoned Kyle Rae's office 4 times in 10 years, he took the call each time, and followed up on issues as, police escorting tenants out of their place, and not waiting the required 30 days for eviction for non-payment.

Rooming houses owners, posing as hotels and police backing them up. Kyle's letter to 51 Division Superintendent at least slowed this practice down.

While Kyle never attended Police Chief's Pride soiree' ... but he often communicated with police over many issues brought forward by constituents.

And over the years, I received many notices or minutes that Kyle was involved with, from zoning changes in the area and many others.

Kyle deserved his recent award for promoting Toronto in tourist and busines sectors.

Kyle knew his community, knew the power brokers were, who the activists were and overall community needs and municipal government system. And did it well for years.

I can't blame Kyle Rae for getting ugly a few times, all the queer bitchers and complainers are like professional bitchers and complainers.

Every time I saw Kyle around downtown, we exchanged a smile, wave and 'hello'!

I was never inclined to walk up and start bitchin' and complainin' ... but I always knew if there was an issue I had with the city, his Office was right on it.

So, do you're shit-talking all you want, Trolls, cuz' that's just what trolls do! Shit-talk!

Yup Joe is right, pseudnyms are common and accepted on the net. But most conversations on the net don't involve accusations of discrimination. To me, this is a real life kind of experience that affects LGBT people's life.

Ya'll feel free to shit talk! I just don't do it.

En recherche de nouveaux perdu
Oh, please get off the fake grandstanding soapbox KWT. Kristyn Wong-Tam is "saddened." Mincing half-witted "homophobia" makes her sad. (Blair is "disappointed" but he is constrained by his position). How about this: if it just gives you sads, give it a miss. Move on to something worthy, Kristyn. How about the trade in endangered species parts for Chinese Traditional Medicine. Endangering tigers for fake "cures" doesn't make me sad, it makes me want to get a machine gun. We can't even do faux-outrage here in Ennui-Sur-Lac. A monger of passive-aggressive, phone it in, can't be bothered milquetoast pantywaisted crap, Wong-Tam has quickly descended into cut 'n pasting the kind of boring p.c. boilerplate that is the norm in Canadian political circles these days. It's almost enough to make you miss Kyle Rae, that fat, rude, blustery, never apologize for anything, cop-baiting, advice rejecting entitled to my entitlements I don't care what you think of me my way or the highway bully. Deja-vu...and I agree with Joe Clark, this is small potatoes not worthy of putatively scarce journalistic resources when so many other things go under-researched. I believe Joe has kept a running list of some of these.
"Carbo-loading lardass"?
It's being openly pointed out by some that a lot of the sh*t that has been heaped on Ford over the years is simply based on his being "Fatty McFatFat" (to use the phrase in one article I read). Ford is hated by a lot of you because of the way he looks. But hey don't let me ruin the fun in making fun of a fat guy.
Bien-pensant downtown progressives loathe Ford because he’s fat

They just won’t admit it.

When you get a chance, explain to me why two of my bear friends fervently agree that Rob Ford is a fat fuck. Are they self-loathing?

If fat is a feminist issue, is it still one of those here?


3 for 3
I talked to my other fat friend last night. Like the other two, he
instantly and fervently agreed Rob Ford is a fat fuck.
Joe, being the shit-disturber
Joe, being the shit-disturber that you are (and I mean that as a compliment), I can only assume that you would have asked your bear friends why they'd describe Rob Ford as a "fat fuck". What did they say? And if you didn't ask, what's that about?
I am a bear
I haven't been accused of being thin since about 1987. And from my overweight position, Rob Ford is a FAT FUCK. Period. Stop this Policing for Prissiness. PC is over. It is the refuge of the Presbyterian Prim-Ass and the Professional Victim Class. You have to pick your battles and you are picking parlour pearl nits while the planet is burning up. Uncliche, dumb up, lens open wider, untighten asshole, and SEE.
Are you writing to Joe? Look
Are you writing to Joe? Look up a post, silly girl. He asked the question.
I am replying to you
You chastised Joe for using the word FAT because you thought it would offend bears. I replied I am a fat bear and am not only not offended but am disgusted by your prissy PC comment. That is all. Whoosh!