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Kevin Beaulieu named new executive director of Pride Toronto


Kevin Beaulieu named new executive director of Pride Toronto

Kevin Beaulieu is the new executive director of Pride Toronto. IMAGE 1 OF 1
Assistant to Kristyn Wong-Tam embarks on new role
Pride Toronto has announced the appointment of Kevin Beaulieu as its new executive director, effective Dec 1. Beaulieu, a longtime assistant to former city councillor Adam Giambrone (Ward 18, Davenport), currently serves as executive assistant to Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam (Ward 27, Toronto Centre–Rosedale).

"Pride is a declaration of who we are as a community, with a strong history of advocacy for human rights and diversity," says Beaulieu in a statement released by Pride Toronto.

Beaulieu is perhaps best known in the broader community for having been the person to step in to complete Giambrone's statement when he withdrew from the 2010 mayoral race, after Giambrone was unable to finish reading it out himself. Beaulieu then ran for the Ward 18 council seat, coming 1,366 votes behind now-councillor Ana Bailão.

Xtra will continue to follow this developing story. 
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Congratulations to Kevin!
Felicitations, Kevin! C'est inspirant d'avoir un si capable et abordable chef de ce organisme.
Oppressors win again
Wasn't it time for a transsexual person of colour/ someone living with HIV/AIDS/someone in a wheelchair who is also bipolar to head Pride? White male cisgender ableist Zionist hegemony continues, apparently.
Pffft...one year!
Well, that was short. My mom, Sarah Palin's tenure was longer than that.
Can't think of a better choice for this tough job. Congrats Kevin.
Surely a great choice. Someone with City Hall experience will be perfect heading into next year's Pride Week.
Congratulations Kevin Beaulieu and Pride Toronto! Well done!
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