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Jewish Defense League likens gays to Nazis


Jewish Defense League likens gays to Nazis

JDL spokesperson Meir Weinstein, as seen at the QuAIA contingent staging area for the 2010 Toronto Pride parade. IMAGE 1 OF 1
Protesters demonstrate outside TD Bank
The Jewish Defense League (JDL) is attempting to organize an April 15 protest at the offices of Pride Toronto (PT). “During the Nazi era, many high-ranking Nazis were gay,” the JDL Facebook invitation reads in part.

That statement is “inane, meaningless and nonsense,” says Canadian Jewish Congress CEO Bernie Farber. “Is the JDL trying to suggest that gays and lesbians are Nazis?”

Farber says that he resents the frequent misuse and abuse of “Nazi analogies” and that he is “calling the JDL out on its stupidity.”

“They shouldn’t be protesting Pride Toronto, anyway,” says Farber. “They should be protesting QuAIA.”

“We are taking the gay community that runs this parade to task,” says Meir Weinstein, national director of the JDL’s Canadian branch. “We are speaking out against this vile, anti-Jewish, anti-Israel group.”

Farber says the “temperature needs to be toned down” in this debate. “By throwing out ridiculous epithets, we will not accomplish what we need to accomplish, which is to disallow hateful statements in the Pride parade. This kind of statement turns people off.”

PT co-chair Francisco Alvarez says he supports the JDL’s right to free speech, “just as we support everyone’s right to free speech.”

On April 10 a group staged a protest outside the Bathurst and Lawrence TD Bank branch says Scott Mullin, vice-president of government and community relations at TD Bank Financial Group.

Mullin says about 35 people attended the demonstration. Their message was that TD Bank, PT’s main corporate financial backer, should discontinue its support of the festival.

“The people protesting were concerned about our sponsorship of Pride,” Mullin says.

“We have no plans currently [to pull out of sponsorship], but obviously there is a very strong debate going on surrounding the Pride parade and who gets to participate. So we’ve had people express their views in a variety of ways, some write letters. A demonstration like on Sunday doesn’t happen very often.”

Mullen says he supports PT as it implements the Community Advisory Panel (CAP) report.

“A lot of consultation went into that report,” he says. “I trust the dispute-resolution process. I’m hopeful that it will lead to some quiet around this issue, and we can get back to focusing on what Pride is supposed to be about, which is a celebration of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.”


York Regional Police's rabbi under fire for anti-gay comments; including the email between Bernie Farber and Rabbi Mendel Kaplan about Pride Toronto

Here's a video, including a brief section with Weinstein at about 1:20, from the 2010 Pride parade.
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You're right. Not everyone who disagreed with the Bush administration was considered anti-American. But if someone got obsessed with it, joined organisations about it, went on and on about it, felt the need to make incorrect statements about it, made fuzzy connections between Bush and Americans as a whole -- well, then, yes, I would consider that person to have anti-American motives.
The J D L,represents a voice of the people that believe in the right to be Jewish and proud. They do not represent hate, nor are they radical. They are law abiding Jews who live in a democracy, thy don't suck up to organization that are about names and titles and so called causes for Jews and Israel, but they do represent that never again, will Jews walk into death camps with there children and elders without a fight. And that fight will not be an easy one to all you haters, modern day NAZI sympathizers and racist groups, Jewish and non Jewish. Don't judge them by what took place in America long ago, judge them for not bowing to ignorance.
Re: Nope
Tzadok Ben Ori, you clearly don't know what the group Queer Against Israeli Apartheid represents. Despite their name (I disagree with the use of the term apartheid) they are in support of an Israel that does not discriminate against people based on their religion or ethnicity. Just because people have a criticism about certain policies in Israel and the way the state treats certain people it does not make them anti-semitic. By that definition anyone who disagreed with the Bush administration would be considered anti-american, or any one who disagrees with the Conservative party of Canada's policies would be anti-Canadian.
While there maybe members in the group who are anti-semitic there are also memebers in the group who are Israeli, and who are Jewish.
Further more a Jewish group likening another group that was also put into death camps from 1936-1945 (then into prisons afterward, the pink triangle weren't released) to Nazis is incredibly disgusting, degrating, and insulting. The JDL should be appalled with themselves. I wonder how they would feel being compared to Nazis?
Modern Day Stern Gang
These bastards are no better than the Stern Gang, siding with people who would destroy their people in the name of being hateful assholes who happen to hate every one the neonazis hate.

Contemptible morons.
A point about the JDL
Many Jews don't know the specifics about the JDL. What Jew wouldn't support a Jewish defense league? What Catholic wouldn't support a Catholic defense league? -- At it's face it sounds great. It sounds like any advocacy group. I wouldn't ask a random Jew if they support the JDL and form a judgement on them because of it for that reason.

As it turns out, an extremist and hate-filled organization uses this name. If people knew how out of step this organization was with the rest of Toronto Jewish culture and the specifics of its history, I know it would be rejected by the vast, vast majority. Toronto Jewish people are far from extremist.
JDL out of sync with normal Jews
Tzadok Ben Ori, you live in Stockholm Sweden what the hell do you know about the Canadian Jewish community?

Tzadok Ben Ori, the JDL have a few followers; fellow extremists who like their leader sees antisemites in every pothole. The overwhelming number of Jews in Canada embrace CJC and welcome sane, rational comments from people like Bernie Farber. Your comments and those of your fellow-traveller, Clifford from Hawkesbury Ontario (a real Jewish enclave!!??) are proof positive how out of sync you are with the more normal Jewish community.
Scott Lively is a noted anti-gay activist and the president of Abiding Truth Ministries, a conservative Christian organization, co-authored the book The Pink Swastika [2002], which states in the preface that "homosexuals [are] the true inventors of Nazism and the guiding force behind many Nazi atrocities. Lively's view is that gays are 'agents of America’s moral decline. addressing members of the Ugandan parliament in their national assembly hall when the anti-homosexuality law was just being considered, it called for the death penalty for being gay. This argument is not about the Jewish state, this is about anti gay sentiments. Aligning us with the hatred this man spouts? How can this be tolerated in our jewish communities?
Free speech? Really?
John Gilberts, haha, good one! I guess that distiguishes them from old school nazis like you, eh?
irratiomaHate is found in all right wing religioun
the JDL is in the USA considered a hate group by the southern poverty law center which tracks hate groups nationwide.

They are little different then the FRC and AFA, which have ties to the Ku Klux Klan.

IN israel in jan 2009, a couple orthodox memebers of the knesset (parlimaent) said "gays are like bird flu"

a call for the genocide of the gays by people whose close relatives , possibly parents shared hitlers ovens with the gays of germany.

Am I wrong in looking for a gay arabic speaker, who would put their names up on Hamas websites as the jews who would throw the palestinians into the sea (which I'm sure is correct)

Sometimes the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

May Allah greet those creeps as he throws them into the firepit.

BTW, I and my wife are Jewish by birth, although I now consider myself an aethist.

For my wife, friday nights are now known as 'widows night', while she will kid me as I go off to see my gay friends in the gay bar as "what is it tonite? gay, gay and more gay.

I'm a Jew that supports the JDL
Bernie Farber should retire and is an embarrassment to Jews like me.
Hey editor will you delete this post too?


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