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HIV/AIDS on the rise in Ontario


HIV/AIDS on the rise in Ontario

One in 120 Torontonians living with HIV
Two citizens of Toronto are newly infected with HIV/AIDS every day, and one in 120 Torontonians is living with HIV, according to a new report released by Casey House to coincide with World AIDS Day.

The report also found that the number of Ontarians with HIV/AIDS increased by 31 percent between 2003 and 2008 and continues to rise.

The report notes there is an urgent HIV/AIDS crisis in Toronto, finding that young people under 30 account for 25 percent of new infections.

It also found that rates of infection are increasing among women, within the aboriginal community and among new Canadians. The majority of those with HIV/AIDS in Ontario continue to be gay men.

While the authors say access to treatment has improved, they also note a new trend, the “greying of AIDS,” which will see half the HIV-positive population of Ontario older than 50 by 2015.

“We’re seeing that as people age with HIV/AIDS, their healthcare needs frequently escalate and can become very disabling,” said Dr Kevin Gough, co-author of the report and director of infectious diseases at St Michael’s Hospital, in a release.

The report found that stigma and marginalization continue to impede efforts to stop the spread of the disease.
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Zero detectable can still infect you with HIV
With people mindlessly spouting false slogans: “Zero detectable is uninfectable” how many more HIV infections will take place this holiday season? Zero detectable can still infect you with HIV. It only means that the technology is not sensitive enough to detect less than 40 viruses per mL of blood. The CDC and ACT recommends safe sex practices even if you are drunk or drugged. Barebacking is the best way to catch HIV if that's what you want for Christmas.
Fake SLOGANS lead to infections
“Zero detectable is uninfectable.” Where did this neat little slogan come from? It originated from a Swiss study in 2008 based on Hetero serodiscordant couples which showed that the transmission rate of HIV through vaginal intercourse was “reduced” for HIV+s on antiretrovirals. BUT in the Uganda study (900? people) 29 of the partners did become infected with HIV. In another study where both partners were taking antiretrovirals (PreP) 13 people became infected compared to 47 on placebo. There is no major study regarding the infection rate for anal intercourse, only mathematical modelling. Until it is proven and/or HIV is cured, the best self protection is that primal instinct for self preservation --fear. The CDC says: “the potential for transmission exists despite sustaining undetectable viral load while on effective ART.” “Although ART reduces concentration of virus in seminal fluid, virus persists within cells present in seminal fluid of some men who are on ART with undetectable plasma viral load” “Several studies have observed that individuals on effective ART who achieve long-term suppression of viral load to undetectable levels may exhibit periodic temporary increases in plasma viral load (blips).” http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/topics/treatment/resources/factsheets/art.htm ___ Read what ACT recommends as behaviour regarding safety: http://www.actoronto.org/home.nsf/pages/antiretroviralsviralloadandhivtransmission
The Level of Pure Meaness and Hate for HIV
Hatred does not help. The UN has declared this year that 100% access to testing and treatment would lead to a 100% end to HIV infections and AIDS. This is a fact. That we do not have that here in Ontario is a result of provincial internalized homophobic hatred. This runs through all the posts on the blogs. You all need to stop and think. Yes, zero detectable is uninectable, that is a fact. Clearly and mainly because of the vicitmization of people with HIV, you have driven it underground. Until your minds see the light of day, there will be no daylight on this issue. There will be no it just gets better and AIDS ends. There will be the continuing hate filled rhetoric of the ignorant oppressors over the oppressed. It is your fault because of how society handle HIV at the very start from which you have not learned one thing. Truly the mark of stupid people, not learning from the past.
Infections up 31% in Ontario?
In a way, it boggles the mind. But when you look closely at circumstances, like drug use and alcohol it's easy to see how a guy throws caution to the wind and says go for it. I tell my friends etc, that it is the best-looking and most fit guys who are more likely to be infected. Simply because they have far more partners, attend more parties/orgies, etc. Add to that the amazing growth of bareback porn, pills that allow guys to live a long & more normal life; the availability of party drugs, poppers and bathhouses everywhere. It's not surprising. Don't kid yourself, men in their teens and 20's know about HIV, but ignore it for the natural pleasure we seek. It's not going to stop folks. It will spread faster now. One factor that really burns me is the very high amount of guys in jails and prisons in N. America who had daily bareback sex like it or not, along with needle use. They come out VERY angry and ready to give the bug to anyone. That is a huge part of this situation, and we cannot control it, ever.
Move the fuck on
We also die of cancer and heart disease and stroke and other diseases of lifestyl that don't lend themselves to invocations of "oppression" and shit. Breast cancer is very low on the list of things that kill women, but gets all the funding, because it is a women-only cancer in the public imagination. It's time to give up AIDS and stop with the AIDS Action Now tantrum. It's really old. My partner died of AIDS ten years ago. I don't plan to. Move on.
Documentaries about sex with horses
are also around. This doesn't mean it is common. And You tube isn't really the place to do research. What I do know is that all the HIV men I know and I've known many hundreds including those who died and those who live. Never have I found one who didn't find the idea of bugchasers as abhorrent. Strange to be honest. This is not to say there are not bugchasers out there, but the poz's who are willing to engage in that activity I've not met and they are extremely rare. Further no one is advocating low viral load unsafe sex with an Neg person. Undetectable is much safer. BB serosorting is also safer. No sex is safe. Life isn't safe. The much greater killer these days is HepC, I would be more concerned about that myself. You have some points Randy, but you come off as wanting to throw us poz people all on the trains to the extermination camps. Seriously. Try to be a little more reasonable and discerning and most certainly critical in your views. They truly are historically speaking in the tone of Nazism. I'm not sure you're aware of that. But at the same time you have some valid points that are being lost in thoughtless for hoped for punitive despair of all poz. Do a blog.
A response to Chris
Chris, if bug chasing and gift giving are so rare, then why have documentaries been made about these activities? For example, The Gift. Here is Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKCcr_ayvMo Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImkYAXAZ2qg&feature=related Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RfTNO15tZs&feature=related Part 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usXjxI7lc_8&feature=related Part 5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPclBBhiT5U&feature=related
Would you prefer it be called
a serosorting site, Randy? Or are you against that as well? Most poz would not even consider having sex with a bugchaser.IT'S NOT COMMON PRACTICE. Horse fucking is more common. Bugchasers are abhorrent to poz people. Get over yourself already.
Resist the sloganeers
I realize that the current battle cry of left-wing AIDS activists like AIDS Action Now (AAN) and Mikiki Hickey of the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation is to claim that (1) most HIV is transmitted by people who don't know they have it, and (2) HIV-positive people on anti-viral medications likely have a low viral load and should therefore bareback all they want since they are unlikely to infect anyone (as evidenced by Mr. Hickey’s poster that is being distributed by AAN with the slogan "I Party. I Bareback. I'm Positive. I’m Responsible.") . Yet, those same activists refuse to acknowledge that there are people who know that they are HIV-positive and continue to bareback in situations where (a) they are not taking anti-viral medications because they have an psychological aversion to pills, are mentally ill or are malevolent and are therefore infectious, (b) are not taking their medications properly and are therefore infectious, or (c) are members of the bareback fetish community and are deliberately infectious (e.g., gift givers who go off their medications in order to poz a bugchaser or an unsuspecting negative person in a so-called stealth pozzing). For example, see http://www.rawtop.com/blog/gay/hookups/guys/high-viral-load-poz If you are HIV-negative and want to stay that way, talk to a qualified health care professional. Don’t rely on the misleading messages in propaganda campaigns of HIV-positive AIDS activists to stay HIV-negative. They are in a massive conflict of interest.
New Canadians
I understand come here already knowing they are infected with HIV to access the healthcare we offer everyone the moment they set foot upon our shores.


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