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Glen Murray won't de-fund Catholic schools


Glen Murray won't de-fund Catholic schools

'We should be careful about trampling on others'
Openly gay provincial Liberal leadership contender Glen Murray is in no hurry to challenge public funding for Catholic schools in Ontario.
“Be very careful if you try to erode Catholics’ or anyone else’s constitutional rights,” Murray says in an interview with Xtra.
While he says he doesn't agree with the way that Catholic schools deal with gay and lesbian youth issues, he isn't going to shutter the schools any time soon. He points out that the funding is protected in the Constitution.
“It is this basic kind of right that is protected only by the Constitution and we should not give it up and we should be careful about trampling on others.”

Murray is a former Ontario cabinet minister and is the MPP for Toronto Centre, a riding with a large gay and lesbian population.  
The new leader of the Ontario Liberal Party will be chosen at a leadership convention that begins on Jan 25, 2013.  The winner will replace Dalton McGuinty, who stepped down as premier in October. 
In the below interview Murray talks about Catholic school funding, sex ed and being one of two openly queer Liberal leadership candidates.

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Glen Murray is a moron!
Under the original constitution women couldn't vote. That was wrong and it was changed LONG AGO. Likewise it is wrong for tax dollars to be supporting ANY religious instruction. If we do not do away with the Catholic school board it is only a matter of time before funding will be extended to other religious groups such as Muslim's who preach death to gays (you should ask Murray if he supports school cafeteria's being converted to makeshift Mosques!). Already the TDSB is becoming the de facto Muslim School Board with ONLY HALAL meat being served in many schools and the TDSB logo redesigned to resemble the green crescent that symbolizes the "religion of peace". Glenn Murray reminds me of George Slitherman. An uneducated ball of slime. I trust him about as far as I could throw him.
Just once I'd like to see a politician stand up for what is right, not is what is politically expedient for them. I've always like Murray, but am profoundly disappointed in this statement. Funding Catholic schools is not about equality. It is providing special treatment to one religion above all other. Equalitywould be funding all religious schools, but we know from John Tory's campaign that Ontarians oppose religious school funding. So the only other way to make funding equal is to stop funding Catholic schools.
Traditionally, Catholics have been big liberal supporters. But this support has been eroding over the past two decades. Murray is pandering to his perceived "base," but he fails to realize that this base is fast disappearing.

Yes, the Catholics' "right" to school funding is enshrined in the constitution. But what Murray doesn't mention is that constitutions can be amended. Quebec did so successfully, and so can Ontario, once we elect politicians with the balls to do what's right.
Well, here is one candidate who will ensure the provincial Liberals go the way of their Federal brethren.

How many more do they have?
Murray's position is absurd
The very existence of uniquely Catholic and non-fundamental denominational school "rights" means that everyone else's fundamental right to equality is trampled.

He thinks denominational school "rights" are "basic rights"? Then why doesn't everyone have them?

Non-fundamental denominational school "rights" trump fundamental equality rights in Ontario. That has to stop.
What about McGuinty's Charter Rights violations
'It is this basic kind of right that is protected only by the constitution and we should not give it up and we should be careful about trampling on others.'
This is the same guy who defended the CHARTER rights violations that took place at the G20 as being necessary to fight against terrorism.

Youtube search: glen murray g20
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