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Enza Anderson takes her message to the street


Enza Anderson takes her message to the street

Ward 27 candidate leaves trademark heels at the office
Enza Anderson wants to clean up city hall. That was her message on April 23, when she took a broom to the corner of Church and Wellesley streets.

She and her campaign team picked up trash, but Anderson admits that Toronto is already a relatively clean town. Her beef is with city hall, where she says constituents are kept at arm’s length from local politicians.

“When you don’t give people access or a voice in helping design their community, that’s when people get upset,” she says.

Anderson was on her lunch break from the Bank of Montreal, where she works. She was still wearing the company nametag, but she left her trademark heels at the office in favour of running sneakers.

She’s vying to replace Kyle Rae in a crowded contest for Ward 27. Other candidates include Kristyn Wong-Tam, Susan Gapka, Rob Salerno, Ken Chan and Chris Tindal.

No stranger to controversy, Anderson took on one of the big issues of the day, saying unequivocally that city hall should not get involved with setting the terms of involvement for Pride parade participants.

“Pride is very capable of making its own decisions,” she said.

Municipal elections across the province are slated for Oct 25. Rae, who’s represented the area for 19 years, has said that he won’t be running again.
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Toronto clean!? Ha!!!
Toronto is a clean town?!!!

Ha, ha, ha!!!

With all deference to La Bella Supermodel and former refugee from Pizzastan this is not a clean town
and has not been so for a long time.

Just ride public transit and see how much garbage and gunk is spread around in the buses and subway cars.

The streets are hardly better.

Like many gender-variant people Enza has become a prisoner of the gay ghetto
where things are indeed relatively clean but step outside into the rest of Toronto and you often see a complete shambles.

Enza, please change your mind and run for mayor again.

Toronto has had enough mayors with poor results and we need a real queen to take charge of this town (smile!).
Why Not ?
She's got my vote ! Anyone would be better than Kyle Rae. Time for some new blood instead of the same old white guys towing the same old party line.
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