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Rob Ford won’t attend WorldPride

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Rob Ford won’t attend WorldPride

A parade participant gives a thumbs-down to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in 2011.
Disgraced Toronto mayor ditches family cottage excuse, says he’s never gone to Pride and wants to keep it that way

Disgraced Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will once again not attend the city’s Pride parade.

And after years of claiming he couldn’t take part because of an annual scheduled vacation at his family cottage, Ford now says he’s staying away for other reasons.

I’ve never gone to a Pride parade, so I’m not going to change the way I am, Ford said on Feb 5 at the first candidates’ forum ahead of the 2014 mayoral election. 

The mayor’s brother, Councillor Doug Ford, defended the mayor, stating on Feb 6 that he doesn’t want to see buck naked men running down the street.

This year Toronto is hosting WorldPride, an international 10-day festival that culminates with a parade on Sunday, June 29. 

Read more about Ford’s recent comment


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Truth is, a lot of people feel this way!

People don't like the 'in your face' stuff, and the lefties are thrilled because they get to bring out their stereotypes in full regalia.

Some gays have talked about Pride like it's "been there, done that ... " to "... it's fake, it's a cut throat community putting on a fake front" (to which I say, well maybe sometimes that's necessary).

This mayor should be left alone with his opinion, hopefully he won't be our mayor much longer.

I just wish the leftie Councillors would bring forward a Motion to go to back to Scarborough and City of Toronto. Amalgamation didn't work.

To me, Pride is a time to celebrate life without politics or any other bullshit. Just fun. Say hi to people I might know.

Rob Ford is the last person on my mind, negativity, who needs it?