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Who will be the next fave pornstar?


Who will be the next fave pornstar?

Roman Ragazzi versus Remy Delaine
Remember recently I said I was looking for a new favourite pornstar? Well, after some not-very-careful sifting, I’ve narrowed it down to two. But how to choose between Roman Ragazzi on the one hand and Remy Delaine on the other? I quite adore Roman. How could you not? He seems so pliable and has that vast expanse of hairy chest, those giant guns and an ass to die for — he’s kind of a perfect bottom, really.

But Remy is so cute and smiley and built, and switches from top to bottom and back again so easily. So he seems a little more versatile and better suited to any — ahem — mood one might be in.

I guess there needs to be a showdown.

Remy and Jake Deckard in Playback (Raging Stallion, like almost everything else in this column). A scene so hot it makes me stupid. Nothing like a pair of versatile guys playing around and fucking each other like it was going out of style. Roman and Logan McCree in The 4th Floor, still a favourite scene for its sheer hotness, endless buttlicking and the joy of seeing Logan’s big dick sliding in and out of Roman’s butt like he really means it. Yum.

Ooh but then Jake and Roman in Grunts: The New Recruits. Remy and Francois Sagat in Manifesto. And my first encounter with Remy, when he gets it on with Kurt Johnson in Escape from Sydney (Pistol Media).

Okay, so I could go on like this forever. Roman gets fucked. Remy gets fucked, or pounds away at some nice tight ass. It’s like a fucking parade of some of the hottest bois in porn.

But I suppose then you get to the confounding piece, which is Remy and Roman getting it on together in Tailpipes (hilarious title, may I just say). They’re both so big and studly and so cute when they smile and Roman’s guns are so big and Remy’s cock is so pretty. It makes me dizzy to try to choose. So I’m stuck.

In other news, how muchfun is it to check out Dudesnude.com? I find it the height of amusement to go running through the profiles, finding things out about guys on the street that you’d really never guess were going on under their A&F all-American good boy-ness. I won’t name names. But my goodness, isn’t this town full of pretty boys?
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Who cares?
I care.
Does anyone care who fucks who in commercial porn
Is this really a burning question? Does anyone care who fucks who in commercial porn films where most of the "stars" are not even gay and do a lot of acting with the best logthing and make-up and camera work that money can buy? This is fantasy not real life. Now dudesnude.com is more realistic (though lighting and camera angles and make-up and other artistic techniques of emphaziing one's assets do augment the live/real-time videos...). But I must admit I prefer real people in the flesh to exagerrated video images and porn fantasies
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