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The inevitable Rob Ford column


The inevitable Rob Ford column

That Toronto’s current mayor, Rob Ford, is an A-one ignoramus was established well before he became mayor. Whether it was drunken bullying at sporting events or racist and sexist slurs levelled against citizens and peers, there was more than enough evidence to suggest that he was not the best candidate to be running the T-dot. However, a misleading campaign that promised everything in a few simple mottos, a pair of lame-ass competitors and the cynical manipulation and exploitation of many people’s most base natures has not only made him mayor, but has also made Toronto an international joke.

When he’s not firing or punishing those who don’t tell him what he wants to hear, warring with certain journalists for the same reason, or coming up with harebrained schemes for the city based, apparently, on some vision he had while drunk, his contributions have been either negative or non-existent. He is, in fact, the representative contemporary politician. He’s great at pointing out what he thinks doesn’t work, but he seems to have absolutely no idea how to achieve a positive accomplishment.

What’s even scarier about this creep is how much certain members of the Toronto media not only enable his lack of professionalism, but actually seem to forget their own journalistic obligations as well.

Whether it’s CP24 breathlessly reporting on every stupid PR move the mayor makes without ever mentioning his lame job performance, the National Post taking the Toronto Star to task for doing the job the Post refuses to do, or Ford’s ass-licking toadies at the Toronto Sun going through the most embarrassing ethical and intellectual contortions in order to justify and champion his idiocy, what’s become clear is that some of the Toronto media, like Mayor Ford himself, have put their rightwing ideology ahead of the welfare of Canada’s largest city and its citizens.

If this weren’t true, they would occasionally challenge Ford on his increasingly loony claims that he knows “what everyone in Toronto wants” because he spoke to some people at a suburban Tim Hortons or got a couple phone calls from constituents. But, for the most part, Ford’s outlandish claims, like his infantile behaviour, are glossed over by those who have a stranglehold on media in this country.

Which brings us to the really important question: why, after he rudely refused to attend the Pride festival last year, would those in charge of said festival invite Ford back a second time?

The mayor has shown nothing but contempt for the LGBTQ community, despite the fact this festival, which is now attended by an equal number of straight people, brings millions of dollars into the city each year. He attends many other religious and community functions without complaint, but when it comes to officiating even one Pride event over an entire week, Ford is completely unavailable. It’s pretty clear. Ford’s homophobic and he is our enemy.

The apologists all rushed to Pride’s defence, claiming an invite to the mayor is unbreakable tradition, that Ford’s refusal just made him look bad all over again, and that it is our job to “do the right thing.”

I take issue with each of these excuses.

Pride has evolved over the last 30-some years, and the idea that it has any traditions that are unbreakable is ridiculous. It’s a Pride festival, people. Issuing invitations to those who hold you in contempt for simply being who you are isn’t something that inspires pride; it’s something that indicates a serious self-esteem problem.

Inviting him again a second year doesn’t make Ford look any worse than he already does. It does, however, make those who invited him look perversely needy. It also suggests to those watching that everyone in the community was fine with this invitation, when, in fact, there is a huge percentage of us who saw it as a profound betrayal of everything we’ve fought for.

Framing the invitation as being the “right” thing to do allows the powers that be at Pride to do the politically correct thing in inviting the mayor and saves them from having to do the dangerous thing, which would be to take a stand, denounce the mayor as unfit to lead Pride in any way and deal with the fallout. There was a time when that was exactly what this festival was about. That it has now become a government-funded bureaucracy that pretends that doing the easy thing is taking the high road — well, that probably says everything that needs to be said about Pride’s current incarnation and where its true values lie.

And that’s almost as sad and frightening to consider as the deteriorating state of our lovely city under Rob Ford and his malicious cronies.
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Our country's freedom IS at stake !!!
“Our country's freedom IS at stake.” We have a Conservative Mayor and a Conservative Prime Minister. That's 2 too much. The more Conservatives we have in office the more our country's freedom is at stake. Conservatives always promise Fiscal Responsibility, but at the expense of social programs and at the expense of the lives of vulnerable people. Conservatives also want to PUNISH criminals and create more criminals to punish. They also want to trade in Human Rights to give police more freedom to snoop on citizens. And of course they would take even more money from social programs to give tax-breaks and funding to their rich friends. So, CONSERVATIVES ARE NOT STUPID. THEY ARE GREEDY THIEVES. And anyone who does not see that is stupid. AND OF COURSE CONSERVATIVES HATE LGBT. So indeed: “Our country's freedom IS at stake.” Conservative people love to punish others and they want to elect small minded politicians who would nickel and dime their way through office. They want to elect small minded politicians who resemble their own small minded identities of gorging on barbecued flesh of murdered animals and swilling beer in their back yard in the suburbs. They want to elect politicians of their own intelligence level, with whom they can have a beer. But politicians who lead the country or a metropolis should be much smarter than the average beer swilling idiot. The problem with democracy is that even retarded Conservatives get an equal vote.
Oh Please!!!
''Our country's future is at stake'' Really!!?? He's only the mayor of Toronto. He's not King. You accuse me of being sanctimonious?? That's rich! My point isn't that we should be polite. Criticize Ford all you want! I don't particularly like him either. I want to point out the fact that this author and many others on left side of Canadian politics seem to be drowning in their own pretension and arrogance. Like it or not, people voted for Ford. Not because he tricked them and certainly not because they were not smart enough to be left wing. They voted for him because they believed in what he was standing for. It's an insult to other voters to assume that they only vote for right wing candidate because they are not smart or clever enough to be socialist and progressive.
Absolutely Fabulous
Absolutely agree with these comments:
I love this kind of writing...blunt, no holds barred. This was superb, sir.
Terry Andrews, Chicago Illinois

Absoloutely stunning editorial and completely accurate; a perfect summary of Ford's awful career and Prides newfound and ongoing apologism to just about everything.Jordan Trudel,

3) "... the gay community can stop honoring this fat fool and take the hint that he doesn't care about GLBT people by NOT inviting him to Pride - he doesn't need the legitimacy from anybody. We can also do more by making sure that this fat fuck is not elected in the next election as well."
Simon Tarses,

4)and to Mike, Edmonton AB ... now exactly what of your condemnatory post is NOT seething with snobbery and arrogance? The difference is your statements are characteristic of Canadian sanctioned smug, righteous sanctity of being nice. Objecting to the truth told honestly and bluntly still cannot be tolerated in this tediously righteous country. Open your eyes and ears to the truth Mike, get off the cross and grow some balls. Our country's future is at stake.
Great idea, but...
It takes a while for a heart attack to happen, and there are differing factors for most people, I would think, in this happening to Ford anytime soon. Ford could last another three years, or he could just go to Weight Watchers/Herbal Magic and lose the pounds-if that happened, he wouldn't be dying of any heart-related ailment at all. The best that we can all hope for is that he could be defeated in the next election, and that the councilors just work around him to accomplish progressive things as they have with Transit City.

In the meantime, the gay community can stop honoring this fat fool and take the hint that he doesn't care about GLBT people by NOT inviting him to Pride-he doesn't need the legitimacy from anybody. We can also do more by making sure that this fat fuck is not elected in the next election as well.
Rob Ford is like Jerry Springer's contestants
Rob Ford put Toronto on the map internationally. He looks and acts like one of Jerry Springer's contestants. That is great PR. You can't buy such fame or infamy. AND by-the-way...The only gravy at Toronto City Hall is coursing through Rob Ford's arteries. People should send him free big Macs and Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch every day, to get him out of office sooner.
Left wing snobbery
This article demonstrates what's wrong with left wing politics in Canada. You don't out right say it but imply several times that the people who voted for Ford were manipulated or tricked with media catchphrases or are suburban residents who can't identify with urban people. I'm not saying Rob Frod is a good mayor. What I'm pointing out is the arrogance of suggesting that most Torontionians would rather live in a pretentious left wing ''World City'' if they were only smart enough to see through Rob Ford's media campaigns.
I for one am proud that Mayor Ford ovecame prejud
I for one am pleased that our city's Mayor--as homophobic-appearing & acting as he has been until today-- came and read his own Proclamation of Toronto's Day against Homophobia and Transphobia today. He was warmly greeted and I was proud that no one booed him. I shook his hand and congratulated him for coming saying that I was proud that he finally was making a statement publicly about LGBT rights. He graciously thanked me for the congrats & seemed warm & sincere (as much as any politician can be sincere..lol) . This might well be a transformational moment for Rob Ford and we must embrace his effort in what does not come easy to this man--appearing in pubic with LGBT leaders and people in a celebration of LGBT rights. Notwithsatnding what Brad Fraser says in this column, Ford as Mayor is a symbol of the city and it is right that he be at such an event as the flag-raising and read his own Proclamation. People do change. I remember once arguing with Brad when he was suggesting on his Facebook page that Ford might be a good Mayor (albeit about 2 years ago...). So Brad has changed his views (wisely) and it seems Ford has finally done the minmimum as is his obligation as the Mayor of all the people of Toronto.

I think we should invite him & welcome him to the LGBT Pride flag-raising in June to read his Proclamation of LGBT pride week and even to walk in the parade as every Mayor has done since Mel Lastman years ago. It is the Mayor as the symbolic representative of the city, not just Rob Ford the neanderthal idiot from Etobicoke who has been afraid of being around gays (until today where he overcame his homophobia for half an hour..for the overall good of the city & its diverse inhabitants. May this indeed be Rob Ford's transformational LGBT moment. We may never love you or even vote for you but we can respect you for doing the right thing for once vis a vis the gay community.
Thanks Brad,
It's more important now than ever to know who our enemy is. The enemy is within. They are LGBT, they are apologists, they are shallow, they hate political Gays, they have no historical knowledge, they despise SEX, they think they are just like hetero's, they are ashamed of self, they embrace that which would kill us if given an opportunity, they are not to be trusted, they are apathetic, they apologize and apologize, and apologize.
You're Wrong, Brad.
You're wrong, the committee is right to invite him and let him look like a bigoted ass again.

'Killing with Kindness', or simply going with the obvious tradition of inviting the mayor of the city is doing 'the right thing.

I am not familiar with you or your previous articles, but this seems like you are just being contrary to stroke your own ego over writing about 'the right thing'. Just stirrin' the gossip pot that is the village / pride complex.

What would be nice if those who live in Toronto would focus on the more important issue of Harper ending our democracy; but then you'd have to care about life outside the TO bubble.

Ford is a terrible person, but unless you want to invite more G20 style events or life into your city then you had better stay focused on the true threat to all of us. It's more important than a festival in one city.
Hello Stonewall?
The point of Pride originally was to resist the powers that were oppressing us. Police, governments, media etc. And now we are practically begging for the mayor to attend Pride.

We didn't need them then and we certainly don't need him now.


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