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Porndoggy: Trans, pansexual pleasures

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Porndoggy: Trans, pansexual pleasures

Buck Angel has made the world of porn a much better place
One of the things I love about Buck Angel is that he knows about branding. He is “the man with a pussy” and he’s not shy about saying it. Some trans guys take offense to their genitals being referred to in this manner but Buck said “fuck it” and proudly talks about his pussy.

And as with all businesses, it’s smart to focus on a niche — and for some reason Buck Angel is still the only female-to-male transsexual pornstar of any significance. And did I mention he’s hot?

Buck Angel was the headliner at the Northbound Fetish party a couple years back for a crowd of thousands. Buck transcends people’s expectations and fucks with their heads.

Especially the gays.

I was dancing near the stage because I wanted to see Buck. For some reason all the gay guys were congregated near the stage as well. There was no announcement, and out came Buck with his sexy muscles and shaved head. I could hear the gays get excited with anticipation. I could almost see the thought bubbles over their ecstasy fueled minds: What is this sexy muscle daddy going to do?

I smirked, because I realized that most of the guys had no idea that Buck has a pussy. And I had the feeling they would react in strange and unpredictable manners. Buck came out, danced around for a bit, unzipped his pants, revealing a big silicone strap-on. Many people thought it was a real cock, so they continued dancing, and others seemed to be thinking, “Well, that’s kind of weird. Why does a dude have a strap-on?”

Then Buck pulled off his pants and revealed that the cock was fake, and proceeded to fuck his pussy with it. The gays were in shock, a mix of excitement, confusion, and silliness. I overheard stupidity I won’t repeat, including a couple guys who left the event “sickened,” but for the most part the gays adjusted. The main thing I got from the audience was: “I didn’t know that this type of person existed”.

Buck appeared at my club, Goodhandy’s, another time for an event catering to trans guys and those who dig them. Buck has appeared in porn with guys and girls, including trans guys and trans girls. I was curious to see who showed up to the event. And pleasantly surprised that a good chunk of gay guys came, guys who find Buck and trans guys hot, and don’t get hung up on the genitalia.

I personally find trans guys hot, and have had some informative conversations with a couple of young trans guys who also discreetly do gay sex work. They tell me that the vast majority of the time when gay guys find them hot, they are not freaked out about the pussy. The boys have to spend a bit of time educating, but they don’t mind.

I’ve seen a lot of sexy trans guys, and I know there are some burgeoning other trans guy porn sites out there. I love Buck Angel, but I wonder why there are not flocks of other trans men following in his footsteps and revealing their man-pussies to the world.

Buck has made the world of porn a much better place with his thorough pansexuality, his commitment to education, and his beautifully proud, crass, and vivid description of his genital region.

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I cannot believe Xtra published gay cis sex's fucked up commentary. Gee transman, glad we all welcomed you to the community.. could you stop pissing in our cornflakes now?
Ignore the troll
Alain, you're being trolled.
be still o heart of lurve
Ariadne, excuse my misgendering of you; as a transman I know you will appreciate the danger of post-Butlerian chromosomaphobia. If your XXY or XYX or YYX status is not compatible with your hormone intake, you may become hostile and lash out at those you believe to be your mother but who are not. Did your mother love you enough is the question; not the veracity of your genital phobia. Do you seek lurve from the wrong sources perhaps. Does the name Jesus have any meaning to you as a sexual surrogate?
No, I'm not with the police, I'm not transphobic and I'm not a woman. Wrong wrong and wrong! Hat trick!. Are you with the mother ship? Adjust your tinfoil hat because -- and please believe me -- I wouldn't want you to get left behind here on Planet Earth. "Vaginas are meant to be fucked by penises" - spoken like a true homophobic Christian woman like Gwen Landolt. And don't even start with the 'self-loathing' routine, honey-muff. Don't even start. And don't forget to take your anti-psychotics. Take double. You homophobic crazy bitch.
genital apartheid
Aline, I cannot believe that a woman would be so transphobic and self-loathing. I do not know Gwen Landbolt. Is she related to you? Your divisiveness betrays a self loathing that is almost autogyocentrist if not indicative of the genital apartheid that is the hallmark of your type. Never have women so violently interfered with the opening flower of inter-labial homo cis male new sex. Are you with the police?
I'm so envious
of you Gay Cis Sex. You're SO out there! The way of the future, even! You're on the fucking edge! Either that, or you are just Gwen Landoldt trolling and baiting gay men as misogynists, an avatar of the Christian right. We're all dull as dishwater next to you, huh? Hey, what's it like to be head and shoulder above everyone else? Oh, and before I forget, go fuck yourself, there's no cunt-fucking like self-cunt fucking, and by definition anyone who's ever fucked you has fucked a cunt.
cis gay men who hate pussy are children
Some day bigoted gay men will overcome their revultion of the vagina. Transmen are leading that revolution. Eventually gay men will open up to their innate bisexuality and dig women as well. Vaginas are meant to be fucked by penises. Whether they be male or female. Gay men who are afraid of vaginas are just stuck in an immature stage. Transman vaginas and bisexuality are the way of the future. A Future where gay will be a silly blip of little boys afraid of their mother's vaginas. Thanks Todd Klink for pioneering the move towards full bisexual liberation and away from gay male fear of sex.
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