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One man and a baby

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One man and a baby

Johanna Nutter's one-woman show documents her brother's pregnancy and all the family emotions that came with it. IMAGE 1 OF 1
A sister's tale of her brother's pregnancy
Until trans man Thomas Beattie announced his pregnancy on Oprah, the idea of a man carrying a child usually conjured images of a mid-’90s Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. But for Johanna Nutter, men having babies was nothing new. Her brother (filmmaker James Diamond) gave birth two years before Beattie’s story went viral, a process she documents unflinchingly in her solo show My Pregnant Brother.
“I always try to make it clear I’m not trying to tell his story,” the Montreal-based artist says. “It’s my experience as his sister as he goes through this process and the things I learned. More than anything else, it’s a story about family and the bonds that keep you together.”
As the elder of two siblings born to a single mom, Nutter was often left caring for her brother, a dynamic that continues into adulthood. After transitioning and a few failed relationships, her brother found himself unexpectedly knocked up after a brief affair with a squeegee kid and a bottle of Fin du Monde and turned to Nutter for help.
Though she knew the narrative would make a compelling play, it took more than three years to start work on the script. She’d applied to the Montreal Fringe Festival (where the show had its premiere) multiple times before finally getting a slot.
“I had so many moments where I felt it was a sign not to go forward,” she says. “Part of me was scared to air my family’s laundry in public. But this play was a bit like a mosquito, refusing to leave me alone.”
Her persistence paid off; the show has since toured across Canada, with stops in the US, the UK and Europe. Aware of the questions its content raises, Nutter often holds post-performance talkbacks for audiences. “I’m not a spokesperson for the trans community,” she says. “I just happen to be the sister of someone who’s part of that community. People are often curious about the nuts-and-bolts aspects of being trans, but the most common thing that comes up after the show is a genuine concern for how he’s doing.
“The biggest thing I’ve learned through this process is that it’s so incredibly hard to fall in love,” she adds. “If someone manages that, it should be celebrated. Hopefully, we get to the point where it doesn’t matter if that person is a man or a woman.”
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Thomas Beatie
Thomas Beatie is now trying to get a divorce, but the judge is raising legal questions. He alleges that his partner has become abusive. See:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/13/pregnant-man-thomas-beatie-divorce-delayed-same-sex-marriage_n_1772566.html
Trans issue is a labelling fiasco
Enigma -This Trans issue is a labelling fiasco. When we refer to a F-M Trans as “He” are we referring to her/his self concept or her/his body? 1-Male identity. 2-Female body. We need a new or a hyphenated term to refer to the whole person. The mind/self-concept and the body are 2 different things with Trans. While the F-M wants to call herself a man and refer to herself as “He,” she/he is still living in a female body. Biologically she/he is still female --it is a female which gives birth. So far, biological male bodies cannot give birth, only because they do not have eggs, ovaries and uterus. Transitioning does not grow reproductive organs of the other sex. So while Trans people want to be referred to as the gender of their self concept or gender identity, we cannot ignore that their bodies are still the sex of their birth. Hormones and surgery cannot really change the sex of one's body, only create a likeness on the outside. So we need a hyphenated term to refer to Transexuals, because “He” or “She” is inaccurate and misleading. The single term of one's choice “He” or “She” is of course, adequate to satisfy one's fantasies and create some sense of comfort. But when a misleading claim is made because of terminology, such as this story, then we may want to be more analytical...
bearded clams of a feather
DJ Enigma, lucky for you that you said you had your testes removed for SRS. If not, they would be ripped from your body with knives by the roided out transmen who want to have babies as men dammit and anyone who says otherwise is a Nazi. Just wait.
Lets blur the lines once more.
Although I would not have spoken in such an aggressive manner as Lolana, I do share her struggle with this concept.

I gave up my testes to become a woman, as all M-F do. I also gave up my ability to procreate (at least in the foreseeable future). Granted, in the truest sense of the word, it would be more appropriate to label me a feminine eunuch.

How is it possible a F-M can retain her ovaries and uterus and still call herself a man. If she wants to call herself masculine, I have no issues with that. But she is a transvestite or a tomboy.

Granted she may feel like she is a man, but not man enough to forfeit her female procreation ability.

When M-F’s state they wish to dress as a woman and keep their male parts, they face a terrible stigma. They often face abuse and assault, rarely do they receive mainstream acceptance.

So why does a woman feel she can be an exception to this rule and why does society not only condone but celebrate this behavior?

Possibly this is an “equality” issue. A woman can do anything a man can do and more. I am sorry that mantra is old. Yes we can do everything the other can do. With the exception procreation, one makes seeds, the other makes eggs.

The other possibility is the same reason, that cis-gender women can assault a man and still claim she is a victim. Likely the same reason which M-F’s are either treated as second class women, or they are treated like men in the courts of law.

Cis-gender women have obtained a high level of privilege in western society. And now western society is scared of challenging the new cis-gender women paradigm.

In conclusion She (the pregnant man) did not have complete S.R.S. and she is obviously not on testosterone. Lastly she still needs to see a gynecologist and other female medical specialists. Therefore medically, she is not a man.

You can put a tutu on a Chihuahua, but is does not make the Chihuahua a ballerina.
Stop the bullshit !!! Men can't give birth !!!
Silly Trans Sophistry! If she was female at birth with ovaries and eggs and uterus, then she would not have those removed and replaced with functioning testes when she transitioned to a “he” --'cause that's not possible. So the idea that it was a man who got pregnant and gave birth is f*ckin' ridiculous Sophistry! Men can't give birth 'cause they don't have ovaries, eggs and uterus. So if a Trans person has a male gender identity, born into a female body, then it is the female body giving birth and the male consciousness watching it happen --2 separate things. Men can't give birth! Stop the bullshit !!! Why would anyone wanna see that kind of bullshit --even for free !!! ???
what about all of the poor
Way to be excusive. Trans people get in free but no other people of poverty do? Shame! Discrimination by elitism is not inclusive.
Here We Go Again
So we have a cis-gendered journalist interviewing a cis-gendered writer about the trans experience? Seriously Xtra, is it that fucking hard to find art by trans people to cover or (gasp!) trans writers to cover said art? Way to be inclusive.
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