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Frida and Diego exhibit opens at the AGO

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Frida and Diego exhibit opens at the AGO

Xtra speaks with the guest curator and asks, is Frida Kahlo misinterpreted?
The Art Gallery of Ontario opens its much-anticipated Frida & Diego: Passion, Politics and Painting exhibition this weekend. The collection of more than 80 works of art and photographs catalogues the artistic and personal marriage of Mexico’s most important artistic couple, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.  
The queer community has long claimed Kahlo as its own due to her gender-bending look and artwork. But her identity as a bisexual or lesbian remains a point of contention.
“Whether she actually had an affair with Tina Modotti or not we really don’t know,” says Dot Tuer, the guest curator of the exhibition. “Rather than the word ‘affair,’ I would say that she had a tremendous intimacy with women.” 
Below is a video interview with Tuer.The exhibit runs until Jan 20, 2013.
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@ el Topo Gigio
Strong words from you...but you've articulated something here that I and some of my other 50+ 'old timers' have lately been muttering about: that almost all intellectual/cultural discourse by the 'young-uns' is now filtered through an au courant 'queer theory' prism. We find this new trend incredibly pat and reductive. Who Kahlo & Rivera slept with is of minor concern to me - unless of course Kahlo's possible lesbian tendencies were germane to her body of work, which doesn't seem to be the case. I'm looking forward to examining their amazing technique and social, political and personal expression up close when I visit the AGO.
is every Xtra employee a Queer Gender imbecile
Reducing a brilliant genuis to nothing more than gender gossip -- this is Xtra! Obsessed with Queer Gender crap, your "interviews" about art are an embarrassment of infantilism and fishwife tittletattle. Lose the Queer and get a brain! Xtra is lowering the standard of former intellectual discourse into a creche of Queer Gender therapy for hyperactive idiot children of the failed revolution.
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