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    An unknowingly imported a mutant weed kingdom into my backyard this summer. It snuck in undetected with the topsoil and has been running rampant for the past two months as Andrea and I have tended to baby Gracie 24/7. The weed kingdom is taller than me now, covers my backyard…
    By Julia Gonsalves
    Thu, Aug 28, 2008
    Winnipeg comic-stripper calls it quits
    By Carol Philipps
    Thu, Oct 28, 2004
    Wed, Jul 4, 2012
    There's a new campaign in the works to address mixed messages about the need for Pap tests among women who have sex with women (WSW), starting with a series of focus groups in February. "We're trying to find out in the focus groups why WSW are not getting Pap tests," says…
    By Nancy Irwin
    Thu, Jan 29, 2009
    One of the reasons I’m writing this blog under a pseudonym is that I do drugs, which are illegal in the United States. While I doubt the authorities give a fuck about the small-time shit I’m into, I work in an industry where being overt about my drug use could…
    Tue, May 20, 2014
    His ideal date “starts with sex. If the sex is great, I ask them to join me for dinner.”
    Wed, Aug 20, 2014
    As 2015 approaches, sexy calendars hit the stands, and this year the Warwick rowing team is taking a backseat to Colorado’s hottest firefighters, who have joined forces with Colorado underwear brand Baskit to shoot a streamy calendar, with proceeds benefiting Children’s Hospital Colorado.  Colorado has it going on! They can smoke…
    Sun, Oct 12, 2014
    Queer Health Matters becomes a weeklong affair
    By Nancy Irwin
    Thu, Mar 27, 2008
    I became the quintessential pothead
    By Trevor Nutley
    Thu, Dec 3, 2009
    Gay Speed Dating (aka How to Get Five Dates in One Evening)
    By Cameron Herdman
    Thu, Jul 30, 2009
    New look, same raunch
    By Robin Perelle (Angelina Cantada videographer)
    Wed, Jun 13, 2012
    Tue, Jul 10, 2012
    I had this weird thing for a couple of the bullies I encountered growing up. In junior high and high school there were these two boys, Manitoba-style white-boy gangsters who sold weed and thought that made them 50 Cent. They would call me a fag every time they laid eyes…
    Tue, Aug 27, 2013
    Today's stories that have queer people talking
    By Scott Dagostino
    Tue, Jul 29, 2008
    A new short film called /420 /by Jacob Brown explores the relationship between homosexuality and marijuana. It captures “homostoners” and real New York City couple Carlos Santolalla and John Tuite as they hit it in more ways than one. The video is . . . oh shit, I just had the…
    Mon, Jul 7, 2014
    Catch him and others at Laugh Out Proud, Aug 26-28
    By Shauna Lewis
    Thu, Aug 12, 2010
    But keep those receipts for your taxes
    By Zoe Bake-Paterson
    Thu, Feb 3, 2005
    Haven't rightwing freaks and other assorted homophobes been tranquil so far this summer? Thank God for pot, though. Still staggering from their same-sex marriage defeat, pot's a chance for the neo-cons to get all riled up again. Pot rights issues are practically begging the queer community to make it our…
    By Shaun Proulx
    Thu, Aug 18, 2005
    Report calls for overhaul in regulations
    By Jefferson Mendoza
    Thu, Jul 6, 2006
    But keep those receipts for your taxes
    By Zoë Bake-Paterson
    Thu, Jan 20, 2005
    A new play at Theatre Centre, Concord Floral, explores life in the ’burbs
    Fri, Oct 3, 2014
    Sat, Sep 8, 2012
    Tue, Jul 17, 2012