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    Hollywood heartthrob among stars drawing screaming crowds
    By Xtra staff
    Sun, Sep 9, 2012
    The MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVAs) came and went for another year on June 19. I am often asked what it’s like to attend that exclusive event. I covered it for /Xtra/ from 2004 to 2007, during a time when members of the media were invited to mingle with celebrities and…
    By Dan Lavoie
    Thu, Jun 23, 2011
    James Franco's Spring Breakers set for wide release
    By Xtra staff
    Wed, Mar 13, 2013
    Small-city charm, the Alamo, two Pride celebrations — and a mud festival
    Tue, Aug 13, 2013
    The relief of fleeing, and the courage to stay in Jamaica
    Thu, Aug 22, 2013
    Robin S’s connection to LGBT crowds crosses eras, genres and countless remixes
    Sat, Jun 28, 2014
    Four must-see documentaries at this year's Inside Out
    By Serafin LaRiviere
    Mon, May 27, 2013
    *INT: WERKROOM * /(All the queens from last week walk in and see the queens from the first week. Everyone immediately hates each other for no discernible reason.) / *Bianca*: Oh look, it’s the also-rans. Don’t take it personally if I don’t remember any of your names, okay? You won’t be around long enough…
    Tue, Mar 11, 2014
    *INT: WERK ROOM * /(The queens enter, with April Carrion gone.) / *BIANCA*: So . . . guess it kinda sucks that April is gone, right? /(RUPAUL enters) / *RUPAUL*: Everyone shut the fuck up! It’s the Snatch Game! Fuck the mini-challenge, we’re going right into this thing. FUCK EVERYTHING ELSE! *BIANCA*: Oh thank god.…
    Tue, Mar 25, 2014
    Pulling off an arty coup
    By Daryl Vocat
    Thu, Oct 27, 2005