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    By LogoTV
    Thu, Sep 5, 2013
    Mon, Dec 24, 2012
    Thu, Jul 26, 2012
    Wed, Mar 9, 2011
    Sun, Nov 27, 2011
    So it's finally here, huh? It's Christmas, and whether you're celebrating at home, with friends or family — or whether you're celebrating without power, all the best to you and yours. While my mother lambastes me for getting in a quick blog before Christmas ("Who works on Christmas Eve?" "I'm dedicated!"…
    Tue, Dec 24, 2013
    RuPaul returns to MAC’s Viva Glam
    Fri, Sep 20, 2013
    Tue, Nov 15, 2011
    If you’ve never caught an episode of/ RuPaul Drives/, allow me to sum it up for you: Ru picks up friends and acquaintances who are famous, infamous or at least notable, drives them around Los Angeles and plays psychiatrist to them. In the latest episode, Ru was joined by filmmaker/wonderful crazy…
    Fri, Mar 21, 2014
    Fri, Jul 20, 2012
    *INT: WERKROOM * /(The final six queens — Adore Delano, BenDeLaCreme, Bianca Del Rio, Courtney Act, Darienne Lake and Joslyn Fox — enter.) / *Courtney*: Wait, are we seriously already down to the final six? This is some relative time fuckery. *Joslyn*: Time sure flies when you have your balls duct taped into…
    Wed, Apr 23, 2014
    Mon, Feb 20, 2012
    Drag Race set to premiere on Canada's OUTtv
    By Sean Horlor
    Thu, Jan 13, 2011
    A much needed break from hetero reality TV
    By Aubrey Laufer
    Mon, Apr 13, 2009
    *INT: WERK ROOM * /(The queens enter, except for Gia, who went home. Fucking wonky-eyed troll baby. I can’t say I miss her.) / *Joslyn*: Thank god she’s gone. I swear, if I had to listen to Gia bitch about someone’s makeup when her face looks like a bad paint-by-numbers job, I’d…
    Wed, Apr 2, 2014
    *INT: WERK ROOM – DAYTIME * /(BIANCA DEL RIO, TRINITY K BONET, JOSLYN FOX, COURTNEY ACT, MILK, MAGNOLIA CRAWFORD and DARIENNE LAKE enter the werk room, which has been trashed by the queens from last week.)/ *Bianca*: All right, you cocksuckers, something is seriously askew, and I’m not talking Magnolia’s fucked-up bird-of-prey…
    Wed, Mar 5, 2014
    Today is the premiere of /RuPaul’s Drag Race/ Season 6, in case you missed the /New York Times/ article and the ads on OUTtv and the Times Square billboard. (Yes, they have a billboard in Times Square. BEST THING EVER [1].) [NASDAQ / Twitter [2]] To promote the season premiere, RuPaul was…
    Mon, Feb 24, 2014
    From George Stroumboulopoulos quoting Harvey Milk to RuPaul sending two unconstitutional American laws on their bigoted way, read selected celebrities tweet about the fall of the Defence of Marriage Act and Prop 8.     [[{"type":"media","view_mode":"default","fid":"39491","attributes":{"alt":"","class":"media-image","height":"264","style":"font-size: 13px; line-height: 20px;","typeof":"foaf:Image","width":"440"}}]] [[{"type":"media","view_mode":"default","fid":"39493","attributes":{"alt":"","class":"media-image","height":"367","style":"font-size: 13px; line-height: 20px;","typeof":"foaf:Image","width":"440"}}]]
    Thu, Jun 27, 2013