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PTS receives grant from Ontario Trillium Foundation


PTS receives grant from Ontario Trillium Foundation

TransAction program goes ahead
Pink Triangle Services (PTS) has received a $26,400 grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation for TransAction, a program that will focus on support services for the trans community.

The funds will be used to implement the first stage of the program, which will include hiring a coordinator to establish a resource directory for transsexual and transgender people.

Claudia Van den Heuvel, executive director of PTS, says the grant will also be used to contact service providers to see if their policies and procedures address serving trans people in a positive way.

“To get an idea of what they are providing, how comfortable they are serving trans people and whether or not they are interested in having some additional support from PTS.”

Van den Heuvel says that PTS will offer workshops to help providers understand the needs of transsexual and transgender people and provide them with access to the resource directory.

The second phase of TransAction will include the establishment of counselling services at PTS. The final stage will see a health clinic for trans people created in Ottawa, similar to the services offered at the Sherbourne Health Centre in Toronto.

“Just because a lot of trans people are either on waiting lists when it comes to accessing hormone replacement therapy or seeing doctors,” says Van den Heuvel. “We just want to see if there is some kind of solution similar to what’s being done in Toronto, obviously on a much smaller scale, to make sure trans people are being served.”

For future grants, PTS will approach the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, the Ministry of Community and Social Services, and the Champlain Local Health Integration Network.

“Each phase follows the next one. It’s good for funders to see that something is actually being done, that something is actually working, and you have some kind of information to support it,” says Van den Heuvel. “That is part of the reason why we decided to implement this in phases. The project as a whole would have been about a $300,000 project.”

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February 26 !!!!

GREAT set of comments .... you obviously are a great choice for spokesperson for Pink Triangle !!!

@ older queer. "You cannot say you are for an entire community, then self serve yourself with funding and projects for a small segment of it." Considering just how many years PTP only focused on gay men, then women and slightly people who are bisexual, I think it's a large stretch to suggest that because they are finally doing something like this that they are only servicing one "small" segment of the community.

That all said It is my hope that if they are planning on doing any of this they hire people out there who already know this stuff and give work to those whom they are professing to want to start supporting. There are many people born with transsexualism as well as people who are transgender that are both extremely knowledgeable as well as trained in this type of workshopping and organising.

I also hope money isn't wasted on duplication of projects that have been done or are well under way.

I do need to say that if they are thinking of modeling a clinic much like that at Sherbourne, then shouldn't it be a fully inclusive/knowledgeable queer clinic? The Sherbourne is not a "trans" clinic but rather is there for all the community members.

Personally, like older queer, I find myself wondering the under lying reasons behind this such as money from the Province to become a "Clarke lite" since word is out that there will be other locations that will be permitted to approve for funded surgery.

They better have a lot of involvement by community members born with transsexualism and those who are transgender(which basically includes dozens of different communities, if this is to be successful. Just when did PTO get into health care anyway?
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PTS= Pink Trans Services?
While I suport the Trans Community 100% I think that this project is a huge milestone for Ottawa.
However, more and more it seems that the message being delivered from Pink Triangle Services is self serving to one segment of the community. With the recent outburst of the 25 members wanting to dissmantle the current board and the current board refusing to publish or notify the community at large I cannot help wonder if there are alterior motives to some of the actions and decisions being made.
What is Pink Triangle Services real goal now? What is the vision? Is it to serve the LGBTTQ Community as a whole or does it provide a service to the Trans Community exclusively?
How can such large funding from the Trillium Foundation for one program in turn justify a not for profit organization for the entire community?
You cannot say you are for an entire community, then self serve yourself with funding and projects for a small segment of it. It doesn't fly for the community, it doesn't fly with members and it sure doesn't fly for investors and community stakeholders.
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