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Hundreds pay respect to Jamie Hubley


Hundreds pay respect to Jamie Hubley

Jamie's urn being carried out of the church, with his father Allan Hubley looking on in the background. (far left of the photo). IMAGE 1 OF 1
Ottawa mourns gay teen who couldn't 'take it anymore'
More than 500 people crammed into the Holy Redeemer Roman Catholic Parish for the funeral of 15-year-old Jamie Hubley, son of Ottawa Councillor Allan Hubley, on Oct 20.

The gay teen endured years of homophobic bullying, which he logged on Tumblr and other social media, before committing suicide on Oct 14.

"I am tired of life really. It's so hard, I'm sorry, I can't take it anymore," Hubley wrote on Oct 14, just before he took his own life. "I don't want to wait three more years, this hurts too much. How do you even know it will get better? It's not."

His funeral took place in Kanata, near AY Jackson Secondary School, where Hubley, who was in Grade 10, was trying to restart a gay-straight alliance.

By 1pm, family and friends had taken their place inside the church. The mass of supporters extended into the foyer, where the service, which included readings from the Gospel of St Luke, could be heard.

The Mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson and many of the city councillors were present. Donna Blackburn, Ottawa Carleton District School Board trustee, said that the mood was sombre and quiet. She said that Hubley's cousin gave an eloquent eulogy and that his friend spoke warm heartedly about the teen but that she felt heavy at heart.

"I cannot think clearly.  I am angry and I am upset," she said.

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They are ashes, and depression
I agree that that is not a coffin, and not only did he experience horrible bullying, he also suffered from depression, something Xtra always seems to leave out as though it weren't important.

For the sake of Jamie Hubley, we should work to eliminate bullying AND raise awareness about mental and help the people most affected!
Xtra should take more care
It's really unfortunate that Xtra couldn't get the photo caption right (i.e., incorrectly referring to deceased's ashes as a coffin). While I realize that Xtra's editorial standards and journalistic ethics are pretty low, you think they'd take more care in the circumstances.
Uh, I believe they are carrying his ashes not his coffin.
Remembering Jamie
Thank you for your cover of this story Noreen. This was in good taste and most respectful. I wonder, is this where Cap X, Jerr' Vision, PTY, all of us, all the organizations, members of city council, finally agree on one thing, this needs to be stopped. no more stories like this, with sons and brothers and daughters, and nieces and nephews carrying the burden of so much pain...School Boards, catholic, protestant, islamic, jewish, public and private, must come together now and say enough. stop. no more.
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