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Gay Ottawa teen takes own life


Gay Ottawa teen takes own life

'How do you even know it will get better?'
"I am tired of life really. It's so hard, I'm sorry, I can't take it anymore," wrote Jamie Hubley on Oct 14. "I don't want to wait three more years, this hurts too much. How do you even know it will get better? It's not."

That was Hubley's last post before the 15-year-old committed suicide on Oct 14. He was the son of Ottawa Councillor Allan Hubley of Kanata South.

On his blog, Hubley wrote, "I'm not really anything special, just depressed, I wish I could be happy, I try, I try, I try...I just want to feel special to someone. Im gay?!"

Messages on Twitter and his Facebook tribute page, set up by friends on Oct 15, hint that Hubley may have been the victim of homophobic bullying.

One group of Hubley's friends teamed together to raise awareness. They have ordered rainbow bracelets with the words "Acceptance" and "RIP Jamie Hudley" inscribed on them. Other Facebook postings comment on Hubley's singing talents, his friendly manner and his openness to people.

In one message, the writer apologizes to Hubley: "I am so very sorry, you deserved nothing but the best, and a little message to who ever made fun of James, he wasn't a bad person, he never did anything to harm you, I encourage all of you to sit back and take a minute to realize that everybody is an equal, it doesn't matter whether you're kind of weird, or gay."

In Hubley's final blog posting, he thanked his family and friends and listed his favourite singers (Adele, Katy Perry, Jessie James and Christine Aguilera) before writing, "but to the people who didn't like me (many) a big fuck you."

Jeremy Dias is executive director of Jer's Vision. The organization works to address bullying and discrimination in schools and youth communities.

"We are deeply saddened by this; we are planning to work with the school and the community following this incident," he says. "However, it is a reminder to educators to let programs like Jer's Vision into schools before this happens, as opposed to after."

Hubley was a student at AY Jackson Secondary School in Kanata, where he started a rainbow alliance club for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth and their allies.

In 2010 the number of teen suicides because of homophobic and transphobic bullying garnered worldwide attention.

The It Gets Better campaign – which Hubley referenced in his last blog post – was launched as a result of the suicides. To date, more than 25,000 people have submitted videos telling youth that life does get better. The latest teen suicide because of bullying happened in September, when Jamey Rodemeyer, from Buffalo, took his life.

According to Dias, Jer's Vision is aware of 14 youth in Canada who have committed suicide as a direct result of anti-gay bullying. The agency is organizing people to wear purple on Oct 20 to show their support for ending harassment of teens in schools.
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The evidence would suggest...
that it is not getting better in Canada. Although we had a flurry of activism in the 70s and 80s, progressive social values have been in decline corresponding to an increase in hate related crimes not even recognized by society at large, its institution, its constabulary and its courts. Indeed, it will not get better unless we make it so. Starting with bullying and ending with the criminalization of HIV . This is our rainbow. Sad, really.
Please reach out
Please pass and paste these along to those who need them.

Suicide prevention
Groups that provide support to youth:

Ottawa Distress Line: 613-238-3311

Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868

Child, Youth and Family Crisis Line for Eastern Ontario 1-877-377-7775

Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre: 613-741-6025
Mental Health Crisis Line (Ages 16 and up) 613-722-6914

Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa 613-260-2360
I want to know
the culture and ethnic make-up of his tormentors and those responsible. I consider this be manslaughter/murder/incitement. I would also like to have the teachers and people in authority at his school to be held accountable criminally charged and imprisoned. But hey, maybe I'm being overly zealous? It's only one talented gay boys life after all?
Being 15 is hard enough .....
Being 15 isn't easy and sweet 16, there was nothing sweet about it. I am straight so I can't imagian being 15 and being gay and not be able to talk about it with anyone also being bullied. I don't know how much support there is for teens gay and straight? There needs to be zero tolerance for bullying in the school system but as sad as his death is, I think things are getting better. My youngest son is turning 10 and at the beginning of school last year he brought home a consent form for health class. His father and I signed with no hesitation. We will also talk to him but I think at school they are with their peers my older children told me that they were all encouraged to write a question on a piece of paper but not to put their name on the paper. It was a great way to open up a discusion in a safe enviroment. Knowledge is power.

My heart goes out to the parents at this difficult time. I am sure they are blaming themselves and they should'nt. I am sure they did the best that they could given their situation.
Make it Better
It is a great slogan to say "It gets better", but for kids in school, a few years is a very long time, much longer than it is for adults.

Responsible adults must MAKE IT BETTER!
At the earliest possible age children have to be taught what "RESPECT" means, later on in elementary school , children have to learn what "DENIGRATE", "RELEGATE", and "DISENFRANCHISE" means. These are key words that people definitely need to know the meaning of. They also need to know , what the word "IGNORANT" means. These are key words connected with systematic abuse !
Thanks Louis
All those individuals out there going through the same thing as Jamie did are lucky that people like you are out there. Kudos to you for being so compassionate, taking action and thinking of what we as individuals can do to help.
Gone too soon..
I just wish.....Jamie was still with us to see this outpouring of sadness. Why do we wait til another young gay person takes their life. I for one, as a 'mature' gay man am going to do more to try to make it better
RIP Jamie
This is a tragedy and it can get better with YOUR help.

Join/follow Fitnessexecdwh on Twitter or check out Dax Hart Profile on FB for support to MAKE IT BETTER.

We are making Gay Rights History and Protecting GAY Rights and GAY families to PREVENT more suicides and hatecrimes against GLBT community.

We are putting interim Funding order together now for our next self represented Prima Fasie Charter Challenge FL01-01406 & FL01-11127 and another one to get....

FAMILY STATUS as PROTECTED GROUNDS under the Charter of Rights. This is a first although the Supreme Court HAS made rulings on Family Status no one has demanded it become a grounds Under the Charter....THIS MUST HAPPEN TO PROTECT and Equalize Gay people, Gay families and hopefully give meaning, equality and Hope to hang on and fucking FIGHT like the other Races like Blacks, Hindus, Indians, etc like the women did and continue to do now to the detriment of MEN especially GAY ones.

FAMILY STATUS MUST be protected Grounds under our Charter for the BEST INTEREST OF CHILDREN, ALL children!.

Each suicide is a loss to us all as a Race of Humans.

Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better, but we must coordinate, focus and speak LOUD & PROUD or FIGHT FOR OUR LIVES WHICH IS WHAT THESE INDIVIDUALS ARE DOING...

Don't let their Life go in silence & vain. Support GAY RIGHTS FAMILY STATUS CLASS ACTION and tell every gay person and supporter you know to follow THIS CASE which is YOUR CHANCE TO RAISE OUR VOICES in UNISON.


we mourn yet another member of our greater community yet allow this to go without culpability of authorities and especially this HARPER CONSERVATIVE AGENDA.

People to watch ALISON REDFORD, Phillipe RABOT, Dr. Terry Pezzot Pearce for DEFAMATion and CAP NOT protecting public.

Suicide IS PREVENTABLE, I pray I don't give up as this gay teen. I'm doing this for my legal daugher who still SUFFERS and I remain powerless alone.

My thoughts
My heart & prayers to the family


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