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Gay bookstore gets letter from Jesus

Gay bookstore gets letter from Jesus

David Rimmer of After Stonewall posts note in window
David Rimmer of After Stonewall says that running a gay bookshop allows him to meet interesting people. But Rimmer recently received a letter from someone a little out of the ordinary: Jesus.

The letter — with no return address — is signed “The Lord Jesus The Christ.” It warns of “The continuing judgment on politicians, bureaucrats, police officers, media and others who facilitate, finance and endorse the sin of homosexuality."

Rimmer put the letter in his window.

The letter condemns gays for mocking the Last Supper. A cheeky parody was part of an Ottawa Wolves gay-friendly rugby team calendar, where the team posed nude in a manner reminiscent of da Vinci’s The Last Supper. Rimmer had it in his window for about two weeks.

Rimmer is not convinced the letter is the authentic word of God. It's more likely a crank, he admits.

“I hate to generalize, but the people who go around writing letters of this nature are obsessive. You have to have problems to waste your time this way,” he says.

All the same, the letter is not going to change the way he does business.

“We get offended by things in our daily lives. Just because the offence is tied to a religious identity, does it make it any stronger?” asks Rimmer.

The same letter was also sent to the Ottawa Sun, Metro News, 24 Hours, the Canadian Human Rights Commission, Ontario Human Rights Commission, Attorney General of Ontario, PFLAG Canada, Ten Oaks Project, Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa, the Ottawa Police Service, Scotiabank, La Petit Mort Gallery, as well as the “homosexual press, bars, lounges and bathhouses."

Sun publisher Rick Gibbons says he has no desire to respond to “kooky” letters.

“I don’t want to provoke anyone. I just treat [letters of this nature] with the credibility they deserve and throw them in the garbage,” he says.

“I’m still waiting for my letter from Jesus,” says Wilde’s owner Rob Giacobbi, who has run a sex shop and bathhouse across the street from Rimmer for 13 years.

Wanda Cotie of Wicked Wanda’s, a neighbouring sex-shop owner, says Jesus didn’t sent her hate mail. But she agrees with Gibbons: the best thing to do with people who send letters of this nature is to not give them any attention.

“In this business, you’re always going to have some bent, twisted fucker wanting to judge you. The best thing to do is just say to them ‘Whatever, you crazy,’ and carry on,” says Cotie.


Where to get a copy of the Wolves' calendar.
Afterstone Wall carries our calendar or you can order it online on the Ottawa Wolves' website
I think Jesus chose the Arial Black font for his letter.
So... what font did Jesus chose?
Dear Jesus..
Where can I get one those Ottawa Wolves calendars?
Jesus knows English?
Interesting that the letter is written in a language that didn't exist in Jesus' time on a device that also wasn't invented. I heard that he's supposed to be a God, but really, can you see him sitting down at the computer with St. Peter. Jesus: Alright. So I just saved it. ST. Peter: Where did you save it to? JC: My documents, I think. SP: It's not here. what did you label it? JC: Do not believe the lies of Satan. SP: It's not here. Are you sure you saved it in 'My Documents?" JC: Yes! SP: Here it is on the desk top. JC: Oops Sorry. SP: Alright. You good now? JC: The printer isn't responding. SP: Do you have the right driver? JC: (Sarcastic) YES I have the right driver! SP: Is it plugged in? JC: Look, you can see it's plugged in. SP: Is it turned on? JC: Opps. My bad. (Prints) Why is it all streaky? SP: Are you out of ink? JC: I just replaced the cartridge. SP: When? JC: last week. SP: Was Gabe printing? JC: (Sigh) Yes. He printed off the old testament again. SP: Why doesn't he just bound the one he's got so he doesn't have to print it out every time? JC: What am I to do? SP: Send it to God's printer. JC: He gets mad when we touch his stuff. SP: This'll be fine. JC: I'm not going to do it, you do it. SP: It's your letter. JC: FINE. SP: There, it printed. Did you proof read it first. JC: (Facepalm) D'oh!
boy in trouble
In all likeliehood the "letter from Jesus" was authored by a young man who has yet to plunge into the life he yearns to lead. More than a few of us have been there and done that. For a gay man the words "You shall speak the truth and it shall make you free" have a resonance so called straight people can never share. I know that the moment I spoke the truth about myself it set me free. It is a shame that the teachings of Jesus have been corrupted and perverted by those who willingly transform a gospel of love into one of fear hate and self loathing but that is what has happened. The only word to describe those who do so is "Anti-Christ." One day a young yet to come out of the closet gay man on roller blades wheeled up to a site where I had just placed some flyers for my ongoing film programs. He tore them down. "What are you doing?" I asked. "I am on a mission from God to tear down reg Hartt's street flyers," he said. I told him, "Paul, in Romans, says unclean lips can not say. 'Jesus is Lord.' Now I am Reg Hartt. Obviously my lips are clean." He panicked and tried to wheel away. "Put on the armour of Christ and stand your ground," I told him. Well, he ran like he had just met the Devil. Over the years I have received more than one letter and more than one anonymous phone call from someone convinced I should be killed. That just goes with the territory of being our own person. I have received far more mail and phone calls from people who, by my example, were encouraged to be themselves. That we can only do by choosing to be alone. As Katharine Hepburn said, "I want no part of the group dynamic. The group, by nature, is always second rate." The group includes not only the church but also the Church Street BIA (as well as every other group from the Boy Scouts on). It takes more courage to make love to a man than it does to murder him. Here's to the day the author of tha
Is this Jesus?
Funny, when I studied "Jesus" his harsh words were usually reserved for church leaders, politicans and tax collectors. Every day people in the marketplace were usually greeted with a story or a "cup of cold water". I didn't realize he sent nasty hate mail to shop keepers. I am a bit jealous though, I've been following him for years as a gay man, and he's never once sent a letter to me. That's it - he's off the christmas card list!
As an atheist, I am offended that some people above me even suggested that we should live by the bible. NO!!! You made the choice to believe in an imaginerary friend, please don't impose that on any of us. And before, you lay in judgement of homosexuals, please take a hard, long look at the immoral and "sinful" lifestyle of straights. I am getting sick and tired of religious people frowning and judging others, without ensuring their glass houses are clean
Re: free from ridicule
"people should feel free to practice religion, without beliefs publicly ridiculed." Um... what? You don't have any right, legal or otherwise, to say stupid things in public and then have people not make fun of you. If I REALLY BELIEVE that pigeons are the winged messengers of our evil alien overlords, are you seriously suggesting that you'd expect everyone to just nod along and say "oh, that's interesting"? Anyone who writes a letter from Jesus deserves nothing but open mockery. It's an incredibly stupid gesture of ignorance, and should be taken about as seriously as unicorn farts.
I've read the new testament and I do not recall ever reading a quote like you've shown us here... A letter from Jesus? Really? Well you have people reacting (including me).... I wish I could receive a letter from Jesus.... I have gay friends and family. I love them just the same. What bothers me here is your quote... Please explain...?


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