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Rufus Wainwright set to play Ottawa

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Rufus Wainwright set to play Ottawa

Holiday show planned for Montreal
Rufus Wainwright will be tickling the ivories and singing some songs in Ottawa on Nov 12 at the National Arts Centre's Southam Hall. The New York-based Canadian artist is performing as part of the inaugural season of NAC Presents, an all-Canadian performance series.

Wainwright will also appear in Montreal on Sunday, Dec 11 for A Not So Silent Night: Christmas with the Wainwrights and McGarrigles at Montreal's Théâtre St-Denis.

Xtra caught up with Wainwright in Toronto last year before the opening of his opera Prima Donna. Wainwright walked the red carpet with partner Jörn Weisbrodt, who is now artistic director of Toronto's Luminato festival.

Click here for more information on the NAC show.

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I'm Not A Fan Either
not because he snubbed me on the street but because of that voice. I find it grating on the nerves. To each his own I guess.
He was like a snivelling little pretentious bitch
I tried to say hello to Rufus on the street when he was in Toronto doing his opera. He acted like some snivelling little pretentious bitch. That's not the best way to gather a following or to make adoring fans. After that I refused to see his opera and certainly not give him $200 for his show. Apparently I saved $200 because the critics said it was really bad and derivative of so many stolen styles.
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