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Bring on Bluesfest

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Bring on Bluesfest

Vancouver rock duo The Pack AD.The Peptides will be debuting a single at Bluesfest. IMAGE 1 OF 2
The Peptides set to open for Norah Jones
Bluesfest is sexy and knows it.
From July 4 to July 15 more than 2,500 performers will perform at RBC Bluesfest, including headliners LMFAO and Norah Jones.
Xtra caught up AJ Sauve, communications director of the festival, to get the scoop on what queer-friendly acts will take part this year.
“The theme this year is electro-fied,” Sauve says. “With [it] we’re able to make sure the festival is inclusive because we know we’ll be able to appeal to the community with some great electronic dance music.” 
Acts like Tiësto, Skrillex, Dragonette and Mstrkrft mean there will surely be loads of sweaty queer folks hanging around LeBreton Flats. 
Sauve says he’s particularly thrilled to have DJ Paul Oakenfold, the founder of Perfecto Records, play the festival. Oakenfold, who has masterminded hits for Madonna and U2, remains one of the world’s most popular DJs. 

“He introduced the gay community to dance and electronic music in the '80s in London, England, and is the granddaddy [of house],” Sauve says. 
Fellow Bluesfest performer Tiësto calls Oakenfold his hero, Sauve says. “There’s so many of the cats that are stoked he’ll be in town.”
For those more into rock and that trademark Joan Jett sass, Vancouver girl-rock duo The Pack AD is up to the challenge. Their single “Sirens” is high in rotation on alternative radio stations. 
“Being two women in a band is something that doesn’t happen all the time; it’s such a dude scene,” says drummer and lyricist Maya Miller. She says their album is about monsters and breakups and really reflects their energetic live sound.
On the local queer front, retro electro-synth pop rockers The Peptides are excited about opening for Norah Jones. “This is the big one,” says vocalist Claude Marquis. “We’ve never done such a huge festival.” He says the band will be debuting its summer single, “I’m in Love,” from their upcoming full-length, Love Is a Question Mark. 
“There’s going to be lots of love,” says Marquis.

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re: what terrible writers are left at xtra!
terrible, perhaps you didn't know it, but Xtra has always used freelance writers and their sexual orientation has never mattered. While I haven't written for the paper in nearly a year, I'm not gay and some of my best work came out of this publication. perhaps you should open your mind a bit. Xtra is okay with straight people. So is Ms. Everts. Are you okay with straight people?
what terrible writers are left at xtra!
wow, just the shittiest of writers huh? had to cull from the crappy pool of non-gay writers to pull of this PULLITZER of an article huh? I take offence to someone calling MY COMMUNITY "sweaty queers" if you ain't one yourself ms everneverett. "queer music writer" fail.
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