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Ten songs about 9/11


Ten songs about 9/11

An event like Sept 11, 2001, could not take place without countless artists becoming inspired by the horror, the anger or the deaths of thousands. Eleven years after that sunny Tuesday in New York, 9/11 continues to be the subject of songs, novels and films.

The songs on this list are a mix of saccharine-laced odes (Melissa Etheridge, The Stills, Tori Amos, Beastie Boys) and provocative protest songs (Bloc Party, Sleater-Kinney, Ani DiFranco, Sheryl Crow). If there were a silver lining to the tragedy (although I'm certain victims' families would say there is not), it would be the art that is created in response to trauma.

Melissa Etheridge, "Tuesday Morning."

Leonard Cohen, "On That Day." 


Tori Amos, "I Can't See New York." 


Bloc Party, "Hunting for Witches." 


Gorillaz, featuring D12 & Terry Hall, "911."


Beastie Boys, "An Open Letter to NYC." 


The Stills, "Let's Roll."


Sleater-Kinney, "Far Away." 


Sheryl Crow, "Out of Our Heads."


Ani DiFranco, "Self-Evident." 


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Hitchens was not there to
Hitchens was not there to discuss but to put down Russell for past encounters gone wrong for him (ie intelligence2 debate). Prison as a deterrent does not work; I believe education and cultural change is the key. People can get hooked quickly without being caught by the law at the beginning. Once hooked, their actions are dictated by addiction rather than by free will. There is no deterrent effect of prison for these people. The sentences for breaking the laws were relaxed for a reason; they probably did not work and were too costly. As for recovery, I do not see how Hitchens could have anything against Russell's position as he and Chip are truely the experts on the matter. They have been there and they are proof that abstinence based recovery works. It is admirable that Russell lends his name to this great cause; I commend his courage and thank him for introducing us to Chip Somers. Addiction is a disease and without a program, the prognosis is grimm; I know as I lost my ex-husband to alcoholism at 52..
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