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An open letter to Victoria Jackson

Toronto Diary

An open letter to Victoria Jackson

Dear Victoria Jackson -- Miss Jackson if you're nasty? No? Okay then.

I remember you back when you were on Saturday Night Live (thanks, Netflix!) You were pretty funny! I mean, not Kristen Wiig funny, but at least you were better than Horatio Sanz, or anyone from the sixth season. So, you know, not too shabby.

And then you quit to pursue . . . whatever it was you were pursuing exactly, and you went from being the funny, bubbly ditz who danced on the Weekend Update desk to the joy-killing church lady who hands out psalms on Halloween because you think costumes and candy will turns kids on to satanism. Seriously, you're like what would happen if Minnie Mouse downed a handful of quaaludes and read Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.

Which is to say, you've lost something here. It's like you're trying to be a comedian, but you're too focused on being political. And you're unbelievable as a political junky because you're so horribly inept at putting together serious, coherent thoughts, and because you look like a bad drag queen.

Just look at this video you recorded of yourself trying to debate an HRC activist:

What was that? You came off as a shrill, unthinking bigot. Well, that's mostly because that's exactly what you are, but still, you recorded and edited that yourself. How do you still manage to come off so poorly in your own work? Oy vey, Victoria. It's not going to get better for you.  

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Dear Jeremy - Thanks for the
Dear Jeremy - Thanks for the info. I still think she's an idiot.
Ken-In the parlance of

In the parlance of Gravity Falls, that girl is ackin' cray cray. Apparently, the whole crazy fundie thing started during her tenure at SNL, and she managed to alienate the entire cast through it before she left to pursue a "holy" life.

It really didn't work out too well for her.
Having been an SNL fan since
Having been an SNL fan since 1975, I've watched cast members come and cast members go...and Victoria Jackson - resident ditz - was part of a really good ensemble. She wasn't ever particularly great or inspired, but she was amusing on occasion. But something happened to her since she left the show and her career went into underdrive. The few times I've seen her lately, she seems ALARMINGLY stupid and ill-informed. Did she fall on her head and suffer an injury? The problem w/ her gay interview subject in the video is he was being far too articulate for her; this woman has a hard time grasping concepts. She is an oddity to be sure.
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