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Miss Conception returns to Toronto

Toronto Diary

Miss Conception returns to Toronto

Spring is here, and you know what that means: it's the start of allergy season, blockbuster season and the return of Toronto's very own Miss Conception.

After a four-month stint in Puerto Vallarta, the newly svelte Miss C returned to her weekly 6pm shows at Woody's today, and the response from the community was . . . overwhelming, to say the least. All of the stage-side tables were gone by 3:20 (a good two hours and 40 minutes before she was slated to go on). By the time she got onstage, the only spaces left were standing-room only and people were sitting in the walkway.

Miss C brought out updated versions of classic material and fan favourites -- her Adele now performs the theme from Skyfall! -- as well as some new stuff, including one hell of a costume change and plenty of feathers and back-up boys.

For more of Miss Conception, check out her weekly 6pm show at Woody's, and support her with tips and shots of butter ripple schnapps. 

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